Israeli PM Lapid issues warning to Iran in UN speech: ‘We have capabilities and we are not afraid to use them’

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Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid denounced Iran in his pre-opening speech. United Nations General Assembly On Thursday, it accused the Islamic State of being behind an anti-Semitic campaign against Israel.

Rapid spoke of ‘two major threats’ face Israel, Tie Iran to both.

“The first is the nuclear threat, the fear that terrorist states and terrorist organizations will acquire nuclear weapons. The second threat is the end of truth,” Rapid said. “Our democracy is slowly poisoned by lies and fake news. Reckless politicians, totalitarian states and radical organizations undermine our perception of reality.”

To illustrate the second point, Lapid recalled a publication of a three-year-old Palestinian girl named Malak Al-Thanani who was reportedly killed along with her parents in an Israeli Air Force attack.

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Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid addresses the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York on Thursday.
(AP Photo/Julia Nikinson)

“It was a heartbreaking image, but Malak Al-Tanani does not exist. The photo is from Instagram. It is of a girl from Russia,” he said.

“I could cite thousands more examples of similar fake news about Israel. The anti-Israel movement has been spreading these lies for years. In the media, on college campuses, on social media.” Rapid said. “The question is not why they do it, but why are you willing to listen?”

Rapid said so All about anti-Semitism.

“Anti-Semitism is a willingness to believe the worst without questioning Jews. Anti-Semitism judges Israel by a different standard than any other country,” he said. rice field.

“Iran will lead this orchestra of hate,” Rapid declared.He pointed out that Israeli and American flags are often seen burning on the streets of iran It raises the question of where these flags come from.

“The answer is, they specifically manufacture them so they can burn them,” he said. “This is what the hate industry looks like.”

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“The Iranian regime hates Jews, hates women, hates gays, hates the West,” he continued. “They hate and kill Muslims who think differently, like Salman Rushdie and Masa Amini. Their hate is a way of life. It’s a way of maintaining their oppressive rule.”

Turning to the other threat facing Israel, the nuclear threat, Rapid said Iran’s position on Israel was the only instance of a UN member state openly calling for the destruction of another member state. Stated.

“If the Iranian regime gets a nuclear weapon, they will use it,” Rapid warned. We need to be clear: Whenever such threats have been brought to the table in the past, Iran has stopped and backed down.”


Rapid also made it clear that the Jewish state should not be taken lightly.

“Today’s Jews have a state,” he said mutedly, in contrast to the days of the Holocaust. “We have an army. We have a great friendship with the United States first and foremost. We have the capabilities and we are not afraid to use them. We will do whatever it takes.Iran will not get nuclear weapons.We will not stand up while there are people trying to kill us.Never again.Never again.

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