Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency under threat after panel finds he ‘abused position’

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Cyril Ramaphosa resigned as president of South Africa after a parliamentary report concluded he abused his office in the aftermath of the theft of more than $500,000 in cash stuffed inside a couch on his private hunting farm There was increasing pressure to do so.

Ramaphosa said he will not be rushed into a decision and will keep all options open, his spokesman said Thursday night.

“We are in an unprecedented and extraordinary moment as a constitutional democracy,” his spokesperson added.

Ramaphosa’s powers were lifted by a thread after a commission led by a former South African chief justice found he may have violated anti-corruption laws over the farm robbery scandal and should be investigated for possible impeachment. It is left hanging.

Ramaphosa withdraws from scheduled Senate appearance South AfricaThursday’s Congress that strengthens the sense of crisis. The rand fell against the US dollar and South African government bonds plummeted.

Herman Mashaba, leader of ActionSA, South Africa’s third opposition party, said: “President Ramaphosa must either resign or face impeachment without further delay.” Both he and his main opposition party, the Democratic League, have called for early elections from 2024.

DA leader John Steenheisen said the panel’s findings were “a dramatic shift in South African politics… Ramaphosa is no helpless victim in all of this. The collapse of his presidency is , entirely his own doing.”

Senior ANC officials are scheduled to meet on Friday to discuss the fate of Ramaphosa and a growing sense of urgency over the investigation, which said Ramaphosa did not properly report the 2020 robbery to police and accidentally helped his Namibian counterparts. said he asked for

“The vultures are spinning,” said Judith February, executive officer of the legal watchdog Freedom Under Law. “When the facts are not on your side, you tend to evade and we are drawn to the inevitable conclusion that the president is hiding something.”

The report’s findings are a devastating blow to Ramaphosa’s image, coming just weeks before it ran for re-election as leader of the ANC on its anti-corruption platform.

Ramaphosa, one of South Africa’s richest people, was named party leader last month, nearly five years after trade unionist-turned-businessman supplanted corruption-scarred Jacob Zuma. got a clear lead on vowed to clean up the country.

He has always denied any wrongdoing for the robbery at his Falafalla farm, and it only came to light this year when the former head of the South African spy agency under Zuma accused the president of a cover-up.

However, the panel found that after the robbery, “there was a deliberate decision to keep the investigation secret.” We sought the assistance of the President of Namibia to arrest Mr.

Namibian President Hege Geingov has denied giving Ramaphosa improper assistance in the Farah Farah case.

Ramaphosa told the panel that the money was legitimate proceeds from selling a buffalo to a Sudanese businessman for $580,000, who reported the theft to the president’s chief of security.

However, the commission said that by law he must report directly to the police. It said it was possible.

The commission said there were “significant unresolved questions related to the transaction,” including why the sold buffalo remained on Ramaphosa’s farm for more than two years and why the money was hidden in the sofa. There are some,” he added.

It also appears that more money was stolen from the couch than was received from the sale of the buffalo, the panel said.

“The cumulative effect of all this is that there is considerable doubt about the legitimacy of the stolen currency’s provenance. This is a very serious problem.”

South Africa’s central bank is conducting its own investigation into whether the currency has been properly reported as a foreign currency under South Africa’s exchange controls. Haven’t reported it yet.

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