Biden and Macron Speak Ahead of State Dinner: Live Updates

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WASHINGTON—President Biden said he would speak to President Vladimir Putin if the Russian leader expressed a desire to end aggression against Ukraine, but Biden said he would only do so in consultation with NATO allies. rice field.

“I am willing and ready to talk to him to find out what he is up to,” Biden said at a White House press conference after a three-hour meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron. Stated. “But I will only do it in consultation with NATO allies. I will not do it myself.”

Mr Biden issued a statement after condemning Mr Putin’s aggression against Ukraine and said the Russian president’s actions were “disgusting”.

After closed-door talks, Mr Biden and Mr Macron lavished praise on each other despite tensions over the handling of nine months of war in Europe and France’s outrage over the Biden government’s unfair economic policies. did.

Mr Biden said he would “make no apologies” for an inflation-cutting bill that directs billions of dollars of government money to green energy companies. But he appeared eager to alleviate France’s concerns, saying there were “flaws” in the bill that could be worked out.

Macron also softened previous criticism, saying he had told Biden that the two countries’ economic partnerships needed to be “resynchronized” in order to “win together.”

Biden on Thursday welcomes leaders of America’s oldest ally A day of exquisite glamor It begins with an arrival ceremony featuring 21 gunshots and ends with a state dinner of butter-poached lobster and caviar.

At a press conference, Mr Biden acknowledged that France and the United States have “subtle differences, but not fundamental ones”. And he stressed that the two countries are showing solidarity in opposing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

“Today, as I said, I reaffirm that we will stand together against this atrocity,” Biden said. “And we will continue to provide strong support for the people of Ukraine to defend their homes, families, nurseries, hospitals, sovereignty, integrity and defend against Russian aggression.”

Here are some other things you should know:

  • When asked why he didn’t help negotiate paid leave for railroad workers, Mr Biden said he “negotiated a contract that no one else could negotiate”. He said he would continue to fight for paid leave for all Americans, but conceded that the railroad deal under consideration by Congress did not include that benefit.

  • The French president agreed with the US view that disagreements with Biden on Ukraine should not be downplayed and Ukrainians should not be pressured to accept compromises they disagree with. “We must respect the Ukrainians for designing the timing and terms for negotiating their territory and future,” Macron said.

  • In addition to the lobster, the Macrons will also enjoy an American cheese course at dinner, including 2019-20 World Cheese Award winner Rogue River Blue from Oregon. The feast, the first official state dinner of the Biden administration, will be slower than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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