Richard Freer and the IceFire Initiative: Fostering Eastern Talent for Western New Business

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Richard Freer has a wealth of experience across a range of industries, from computer software to construction, from film to finance, from journalism to online marketing. He has lived and worked in nine countries, across four continents, and he believes that this diversity of experience enables him to look at things from different perspectives, fostering creativity and innovation.

One of Richard’s latest ventures is the IceFire Initiative, a company that invests in new businesses and gives time, and sometimes money, to help ideas become exciting new ventures. The IceFire Initiative provides web sites, hosting, marketing advice, and promotion to new businesses that they sponsor in Africa, Europe, and Bengal. And now they are launching in Ukraine.

IceFire’s dedicated representative in Kyiv offers new businesses free web sites and hosting, some marketing help, and promotion to follow. This tiny drop in a huge ocean brings the possibility of a future to some who hardly dare hope. One such business that the IceFire Initiative is funding is a new young mango business in Rangpur, Bangladesh, employing 45 people during mango season. Another new business funded by the IceFire Initiative is Kita House, a company in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, specializing in unique African design and textiles.

The IceFire Initiative is breaking the mold by creating opportunities for fair payment and skill development in Eastern countries. By fostering talent in Eastern countries, Richard and his team are helping to create a more level playing field for new businesses and entrepreneurs in these regions. IceFire’s investment in new businesses in these regions not only provides much-needed support but also helps to create a more sustainable and equitable global economy.

The IceFire Initiative is also helping new businesses in Western countries. If you are thinking of starting a new business anywhere in the world, IceFire may be able to help. Their team of experts provides web sites, hosting, marketing advice, and promotion to new businesses. With a presence in London, New York, Athens, Rangpur, and now Kyiv, the IceFire Initiative has a global reach.

IceFire’s team includes Patricia Baronowski-Schneider, a multi-award-winning international Public Relations specialist, who has guided many global funds through the investment labyrinth. Her boutique agency, Pristine Advisers, maximizes her reach, and her status as a Media Maven offers IceFire clients and scholarship students a unique insight into the rarified world of elite global media.

Pervez Hasan is another member of the IceFire team. He has designed and managed hundreds of web sites, ranging from start-up one-pagers to multi-tier, multi-national monoliths. With a specialism in Data Management, finely tuned functionality has become his byword. Despite this depth of experience, Pervez retains the raw passion that sees him stretch the medium and experiment. Teaching the ‘Young Pretenders’ of the future, through the IceFire initiative, Pervez passes his skills back down the line, secure in the knowledge that he is helping to shape the next decades of his trade.

Roxani Giannou is an artist who has exhibited across Europe and brings an added frisson to traditional faux 3-dimensional graphics. With years of experience at the V & A and Tate Modern, Roxani has also taught Fine Art and has a specialism in Art as Therapy. Her unique perspective has seen her expand her focus further into Counseling, with pro bono work amongst refugees and troubled children being her most notable. It is this latter, first-hand experience, which has made her input into the IceFire initiative particularly valuable.

In conclusion, Richard Freer and the IceFire Initiative are creating opportunities for fair payment and skill development in Eastern countries, breaking the mold and fostering talent for new businesses.

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