Wear OS 3 gets new Tiles, Google Keep, and Adidas Running via Assistant

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This fall, Google will finally pixel watchIt wasn’t a perfect smartwatch, but it was a respectable first attempt in a category notoriously neglected by Google for years.

Still, it’s hard to shake off the idea that Google may prematurely abandon its revived wearable ambitions if it doesn’t do “good enough.” This is why the company has been quietly working on improving his Wear OS in the background. The latest is a round of “holiday” Android updates. new tiles, Improved Google Keep Apps and Google Assistant integration adidas running.

For Tiles (aka Google’s smartwatch widget), Wear OS 3 users can see their favorite contacts and sunrise and sunset times. The latter is often included in smartwatches. This is also to allow the athlete to plan his tours outdoors.

Meanwhile, Google Keep will get an update later this month to make it look even more attractive on your wrist (and its shiny new Pixel Watch display). Includes the ability to view drawings. Finally, we will be rolling out the Google Assistant integration with the Adidas Running app within the next week so you can start tracking your workouts with your digital assistant. That is, if you have a Wear OS 3 watch with Google Assistant installed, an internet connection, and a compatible Android phone with the app installed.

The holiday ties are tenuous, but more importantly, Google continues to make updates to Wear OS, both minor and major. Google may have first entered the smartwatch scene with his Android Wear in 2014, but until then the platform had been stagnant. bought a fitbit When Partnered with Samsung Since then, the transition has been a bit of a pain, with features sometimes arriving months later than promised. See: The year it took for the Google Assistant to come out Samsung Galaxy Watch 4It’s natural to see a failed migration, but it tells us that Google continues to make small improvements. In the past, it was not uncommon to spend months or years without doing any important work. Also Minor update for Wear OS.

Google’s continued small improvements say a lot

Just before the Pixel Watch launched, Rick Osterloh, Google’s senior vice president of hardware, said: The Barge in an interview The company’s long-term commitment to wearables. Given Google’s history, it’s hard to take that at face value. Flashy launches are easy, just watch. google graveyard to see it.

But big moves don’t change big dreams— like ambient computing -In reality. Just ask a marathon runner. The most important thing is the constant small efforts. These holiday updates may not be the coolest thing ever, but that could be a good sign. The vision of wearable ambient computing may not be so far-fetched.

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