Wandering Sword – Steam Next Fest demo launches February 6, new trailer

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Steam Next Fest February 2023 Wuxia Style RPG Demo wandering sword start via vapor February 6, publisher spiral up game and developer swordman studio Announced. A new trailer was also released for a limited release until February 28.

Here’s a rundown of the game by Spiral Up Games:


As a young martial artist, gamers traverse ancient China to escape enemies. They meet new acquaintances and forge new friendships. As they continue their quest to help the underdog and clear up misunderstandings, they strengthen their skills as martial artists and ultimately leave their mark on the history of Chinese martial arts.

Main function

  • traverse ancient times China drawn with beautiful pixel art – Developed in Unreal Engine, the game uses beautiful pixel art to showcase an open world of bustling ancient Chinese towns, scenic mountains, picturesque rivers, dangerous hideouts, and treacherous terrain. increase.
  • Huge library of martial arts moves and weapons – Hundreds of martial arts forms and weapons to discover, learn and use as you explore the land. Learn how to feed your energy through the meridians, become an expert in both external and internal form, and gain true martial arts mastery.
  • innovative combat system – Combat takes place on a tiled board and is unique in that gamers can switch between turn-based and real-time modes during combat.Turn-based mode is suitable for gamers who prefer a more traditional way of playing at a slower pace RPGs Real-time mode will appeal to players who like to think on their feet and launch attacks as fast as they can move their fingers.
  • Realistic NPCs – NPCs wandering sword Programmed to simulate how real people behave in real life. As you traverse the world of martial arts and revisit friends and acquaintances, you’ll likely find that they too are busy with themselves. adventureFor martial arts practice instead of rumbling!
  • Multiple endings and lots of questswandering sword Provides excellent playability. Different choices you make lead to different endings of the game. There are also numerous side quests to choose from besides the main quest, providing hours of adventure time.

wandering sword Spiral Up Games is a shining example of a quality indie game that Spiral Up represents as a game publisher and wants to be on the world stage. “It showcases ancient locations, rich history, heroism, and cool martial arts. We love it, and we’re sure RPG fans will love it too!”

wandering sword is scheduled for computer via vapor 2023.

Check out the trailer below.View new set of screenshots in the gallery.

Steam Next Fest February 2023 Trailer


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