Verizon Finally Upgrades Its International TravelPass

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Verizon Wireless has officially upgraded its high-speed international TravelPass. First launched more than a decade ago, the U.S. carrier’s TravelPass allows customers to subscribe to standard domestic data, text and calling plans for $10 a day internationally and $5 a day in Canada and Mexico. available. But in the 2010s, he said, as widespread use of LTE became the industry standard, the service, which previously limited users to just 0.5 GB of data per day, was considered ridiculous gold. I came.

In 2023, we entered the era of 5G high-speed data, but the limit amount of data never grew.

Today, Verizon announced that its TravelPass plans are getting a more generous threshold of 2GB per day for international high-speed data. Additionally, a user who exceeds that threshold will continue to have access to his unlimited 3G data speeds. This is good news for frequent international travelers who are unwilling or unable to purchase his local SIM card upon arrival at their destination.

According to wireless analytics firm Opensignal, 5G users consume 2.7 times more data per day than LTE users. The company also said that 5G users are averaging around 16GB per month.

In the past, due to Verizon’s modest size data allocation, Frustration within the career community About 143 million users. In the days of video and music streaming (not to mention maps, lodging and translation services), 0.5GB of data was pretty much useless. Realizing I was paying extra (usually $15) caused astronomical sticker shock after being abroad for a long time.In one example, the user Reported a $5,000 phone bill From Verizon after relying on TravelPass in Saudi Arabia.

Verizon Wireless is America’s largest wireless provider, ahead of T-Mobile and AT&T Mobility.

According to Verizon, TravelPass is compatible with networks in over 210 countries around the world. Rival AT&T offers his $10-a-day International Day Pass, which limits data usage to his 128kbps after a user exceeds his domestic data plan quota. T-Mobile offers his 512MB one-day international pass for $5, plus he offers two large data packs ($35 for 5GB or $50 for 15GB).

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