Valve launches official Steam Charts stat tracking feature

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Philip Trahan

Published: 2022-09-22T23:52:06

Has been updated: 2022-09-22T23:52:28

Valve has officially announced a new Steam feature called Steam Charts. It provides live stats tracking for popular games.

Steam, Valve’s digital storefront and platform, has long dominated the PC industry. The most popular street for gamers buy their games.

Now it looks like Valve has cleaned up some of Steam’s proprietary features to give the platform a welcome utility.

As such, Valve has announced the release of a new Steam Charts section on Steam. This allows fans to see real-time updates for the platform’s most popular games.

Valve Releases Steam Charts Feature

The company has published Steam Charts section is available as of 22nd September 2022 and hosts some very valuable features.

With Steam Charts, players can see real-time charts of both the best-selling and most-played games on Steam, as well as weekly and monthly top sellers and new releases.

According to official news Position upon vaporthe company explained, “This new section replaces Steam’s old ‘Stats’ page and provides a better overview of what’s hot on Steam right now.”

Steam Charts now ranks the best-selling new games based on total revenue earned, including DLC ​​and in-game transactions.

Valve revealed that the old top sellers section isn’t gone, and that interested players can find that tracker by clicking on a specific tag or genre page.

Instead, Steam Charts describes “its performance with some notable improvements, such as the ability to show how many weeks a game has been on the Top Seller chart, and how many times a game’s rank has changed, if any. The purpose is to build history. with the previous week.

Additionally, you can see real-time player counts for the top 100 most-played games on Steam with Steam Charts.

As with the new Top Sellers chart, this Most Played section also includes the Peak Players and Total Unique Players metrics.

Overall, this is a great new resource for developers and players to keep track of what’s popular on Steam like never before.

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