The latest Google Play system update will let you track app installation progress across your devices

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Play Protect information injected into device privacy settings on Android 13

It’s been almost a year since Google started sharing all the changes bundled with Android’s monthly Google Play system updates. We have already seen some of these lands this month. Google Kids SpaceThen Google added What’s new in Wear OSfollowed by Compromised password alertWith the new Play Store and Play Protect related features coming to nearby smartphones, there are a few more features to check out.


First, Google says it wants to help users Make better decisions about installing appsThat’s why we’re expanding the information displayed in the Play Store listing details. However, the company has not said exactly what has changed and has yet to discover anything. I guess. Watch exactly what’s new here.

A little more interesting is that Google says you can use your phone to see what app installs are happening on other devices. Work is underway to make the Play Store easier to use. Manage apps across all hardware, which seems like the perfect next step.Running the latest Google Play system update and Play Store v32.4, there may be a server-side switch that Google still needs to hit, as it doesn’t show the obvious progress bar for the remote install. Once you get here, it should be much more convenient to track app downloads and installs across all your connected devices.

Finally, on a running phone Android 13, Google informs you that Play Protect security information will appear on the Security & Privacy settings page in the Settings app. If you’re noticing a bit of a theme here this is another change that looks like it was announced before it actually went live but we’ll keep investigating. We plan to share other new features that will be added little by little before the Play system update.

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