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On Wednesday morning, I saw a tweet from gaming magazine PC Gamer that brought a smile to my eyes. It contains a video showing a cartoon trombonist with a wide-eyed, pained face struggling to hit Beethoven’s 5th note, while the composer himself clearly I was staring at the outside of the screen with dissatisfaction. A golden combination of terrible music, fart sounds, seriousness and absurdity.this is a video game trombone champand has since gone very viral.

Of course I downloaded it immediately. From Beatmania to Guitar Hero to Amplitude, I’ve been playing rhythm games for over 20 years with fun musical gimmicks in arcades in Japan, and I’m embarrassingly serious about it.the trombone champ No Serious; an accidental musical comedy, a collection of trading cards, a hoax about trombones and hot dogs (“the first trombone was made in 200 million B.C.”), and the true facts about baboons are nicely blended . (Don’t ask about Baboon. This game has some unexpected secrets, and Baboon is one of them.)

Playing it is as fun as watching it in the video, at least for the first few songs. The noise you make has only a vague relationship with music. The visuals are eerily comical. Rosamunde has beer crags and pretzels bouncing and spinning majestically across the screen. In a truly grisly rendition of God Save Our King, photographs of the London Bridge and Union His Jack reverently fade in and out of the background, followed by a giant jpeg of him of a cooked breakfast.

the trombone champ two developers It’s called Holy Wow, which consists of Dan Veckitt and Jackie Lari. PC Gamer asked Chris Livingstone how he found it. he said:

Ben Jacobs – alias Max Tundra, electronic musicians, multi-instrumentalists – composed songs especially for this game. (He also appears in one of his trading cards.) A very niche indie he plays the trombone. I said it was because I asked for favors. Twitter in 2018He needs someone to recreate the images for the poster, and one respondent said he would do it if Ben wrote a song for his game. He accepts, and four years later he’s able to step into his Long-Tail Limbo at Max Tundra.

Developers are overwhelmed by the sudden attention that Trombone Champs are getting their attention. “At this point, I should clarify that Holy Wow is mostly a one-man operation. And it’s not even our primary gig! !), I built this entire game in my nights, weekends and holidays,” Vecchitto tweeted. “So it will take weeks to get our lives in order and to meet the enormous demand this game has created.”

The Trombone Champ is a small gift from the Internet that will allow you to fully enjoy a few lunch breaks or an unexpected baboon at night and evangelize forever. Graphs showing scores for Spunk, Doots, Slides, Fury, and Tears, as well as ‘I warmed up the trombone! My nightmare is over, woo’.

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