Pixel 7a rumors show similar design, big tech upgrades

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Expanding / Yep, that’s what I had in mind what it would look like.

OnLeaks and Smartprix

The Pixel 7a’s design doesn’t seem to contain many surprises. ONLEAKS has new renders for Google’s upcoming mid-range phones. This looks like a mini Pixel 7. These renderings are usually based on the CAD information passed to the accessory manufacturer, so the size and shape are usually accurate, but the colors etc. are also accurate. The material is open to interpretation.

If the rumors are true, this would be the fourth phone Google will keep the camera bar design. The Pixel 7 switched to an opaque aluminum camera bar. Google likes these phones to look the same. So there’s no doubt that the Pixel 7a will also have a robust camera bar. Whether it’s aluminum or some other material is still open to interpretation. The front is also predictable and looks just like the Pixel 6a. It has a flat screen and what reports call a “thick bezel”.

Pixel rumors are expecting a big upgrade for the Pixel 7a.android researcher Kuba Wojciechowski We’re tracking the Pixel 7a (codenamed ‘Lynx’ and ‘Pixel 22 Mid-range’) through the Android codebase, which includes (slow) 5W wireless charging and the same Samsung GN1 main camera that’s on the Pixel 7. reveals the addition of 7 Pro, with Sony IMX787 for the wide-angle sensor. The new sensor will be a great upgrade for your camera. The Pixel 6a’s main camera is now the venerable Sony IMX363 sensor. This is the sensor Google has been using since his Pixel 2 (with one minor revision). Considering that the IMX363 is about 6 years old now, a new set of sensors makes sense. .

You might be wondering, “Will the flagship camera eat up Pixel’s sales?” And let’s just say Google never cared about it. The Pixel 6a has Same SoC As a Pixel 6, it seems to aim to be the third flagship after the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro. Running a similar camera loadout fits that strategy. Cannibalization may be an issue for companies with large, established businesses, but Google may just want to capture the revenue they can get right now.

Wojciechowski’s code hunting also says the Pixel 7a will feature a 90Hz, 1080p Samsung display, a significant improvement over the 60Hz Pixel 6a. All this might sound pretty expensive at the 6a’s current $449 price tag, but the Pixel 7 recently shipped in India.In India, phones in this price range usually have 120Hz display And flagship specifications. However, in the US, the Pixel 6a price makes this phone a huge win.

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