Meta warns of password-stealing phone apps

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SAN FRANCISCO – Meta warned one million Facebook users on Friday that they were “exposed” to a seemingly harmless smartphone application designed to steal passwords for social networks.

So far this year, Meta has identified more than 400 “malicious” apps tailored for smartphones running Apple or Android software and available in Apple and Google’s app stores, said David, Director of Threat Destruction. Agranovich said at the briefing.

“These apps were posted on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, posing as photo editing, games, VPN services, business apps, and other utilities to trick people into downloading them,” Meta said in a blog post. said in

According to Meta’s security team, the app often asks people to log in with their Facebook account information to use promised features, and once entered, their usernames and passwords are stolen.

“They are just trying to trick people into entering their login credentials in a way that allows hackers to access their accounts,” Agranovich said of the app.

“We inform 1 million users that they may have been exposed to these applications, but we cannot say they were compromised.”

Over 40% of the apps Meta listed involved ways to edit or manipulate images, some of which seemed as simple as using your smartphone as a flashlight.

“We believe that this kind of malicious app developer is trying to target multiple services,” Agranovich said, adding that the app creator may be targeting passwords other than Facebook accounts. I pointed out that it is expensive.

“The targets here seemed relatively indiscriminate, trying to get people around the world to download the application in order to access as many login credentials as possible.”

Meta said it shared its findings with Apple and Google, which control what is offered in their respective app shops and each veterinary offering.

Apple told AFP that only 45 of the 400 applications Meta highlighted are on its operating system and the company has already removed them from its app store.

Google says most of the apps flagged by Meta have already been identified by its own review system and removed from the Play Store.

“All the apps identified in the report are no longer available on Google Play,” a spokesperson told AFP.

“Users are also protected by Google Play Protect, which blocks these apps on Android.” AFP

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