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may seem like Lensa AI Suddenly, all your friends are posting app-generated artistic expressions of themselves. Launched in late November, the app #1 on the iOS App StoreCompetitive ‘Photo & Video’ Charts. For comparison, YouTube is #3 and Instagram is #4 on the chart at time of publication.

Lensa AI works by inviting users to upload 10-20 photos of themselves.Use of open source stable diffusion For models, the app processes photos to generate avatars that look like they were created by a digital artist.

As soon as you download Lensa AI, a pop-up will appear inviting you to join a 7-day free trial to use the AI ​​editing tools. If you do not cancel in time, you will be charged an unlimited $39.99. The usage period of the app is 1 year. You can skip this screen without joining the trial, but the free version of the app is very limited and does not include the viral magic avatar feature. Even if you don’t subscribe to an unlimited plan, you’ll be presented with a separate in-app purchase screen when you attempt to create your own magical avatar. variation) must pay $3.99.But hey, at least it’s cheaper than blue check!

Image credit: Lensa AI for Instagram

Since its release in 2018, Lensa AI has amassed approximately 22.2 million downloads worldwide, generating approximately $29 million in consumer spending, according to app analytics firm SensorTower. Last month, the app saw a huge surge with the release of magical avatars. In November, he had 1.6 million app downloads, a 631% increase from his 219,000 in October. The US is his Lensa AI’s biggest market, generating 58% of his consumer spending, but the app is currently particularly popular in Brazil. Brazil accounted for 31% of all downloads in November, a 24,450% month-over-month increase in installs.

Viral photo editing apps have a shady history. malwareAlso, users were worried about what happened to the photos they uploaded to these apps. These concerns have arisen over an AI editor based in Russia. FaceApplater made statement We may store updated photos in the cloud for “performance and traffic reasons”, but most images are deleted within 48 hours.

Prisma Labs, the team behind Lensa AI, told TechCrunch that it uses AWS cloud services to process user photos. As soon as the AI ​​model is trained on the user’s photo, the image is immediately deleted.

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