HYT – Hastroid Cosmic Hunter : the new Bronze Age – Trends and style

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This fall, the HYT Hastroid is dressed in warm, sensual tones, along with a bronze evolution of the casing. An ingenious change to say the least, combining the futuristic nature of Hastroid with the textures of materials reminiscent of the oldest era. A perfect addition to the product.

HYT CEO and Creative Director Davide Cerrato said:

Hastroid Cosmic Hunter © Height

Hastroid, vintage hunter look

This superb craftsmanship is clearly expressed in the two-material casing design of the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter with a diameter of 48 mm, a total length of 52.3 mm and a case thickness of 17.2 mm. The originality of this piece lies in the fusion of carbon and titanium coated with PVD bronze treatment and a microbead finish. The advantage of this bronze he galvanic coating is the vintage hunter look with the surprising lightness of Hastroid.

Bronze, as it has been known for thousands of years, is traditionally an alloy of copper and tin, whose color is close to that of gold and generally tends to change due to oxidation. It is not uncommon to To make the new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter timeless, HYT decided to use a stabilizing surface treatment to preserve its bronze color. By correcting its beauty and brightness and using a resolutely contemporary approach without trying to create nostalgia or artificial vintage effects, HYT takes bronze into a new future era.

Offering a beautiful contrasting effect, this case color variant features beige numerals in the cutting-edge material Lumicast®, three-dimensional Super-LumiNova® application to enhance brightness, matt black-finished hands and, of course, A liquid that indicates the flow of time. This black liquid within a very fine borosilicate capillary is the distinguishing and unique feature of HYT-designed mechafluidic timepieces.

Hastroid Cosmic Hunter: New Bronze Age

Hastroid Cosmic Hunter © Height

HYT CEO and Creative Director Davide Cerrato said:

Hastroid’s multi-layered middle case is delicately openworked, and the sandwich construction method of the entire watch is water resistant up to 50 meters, with a central protective titanium case protecting the movement, allotted to this new spacecraft. It can handle missions optimally.

Like the flight deck, this watch is covered with a domed sapphire crystal that almost completely obscures the entire dial. Central to the mechafluid mechanism, of course, is the central he fluid system with two “bellows” reservoirs. Its design is unique to HYT creations and enhances the character and feel of the capillaries and power surrounding the dial.

Hand-wound mechanical movement, caliber 501 CM, beating at 28,800 vibrations per hour (4 hertz) and offering a power reserve of 72 hours.

This caliber was designed by renowned master watchmaker Eric Coudray, winner of the 2012 Gaia Award. With the help of PURTEC (part of the TEC Group) and his long-time friend and watchmaker Paul Clementi (Gaïa 2018), the movement uses elegant satin-finished, laser-cut or bead-blasted components to Developed a more sophisticated aesthetic and finish.

To accentuate this sophisticated contemporary watchmaking character, a black rubber bracelet inlaid with green with Alcantara® military accents is inspired by the space suits worn by astronauts. decorated with an embossed Corioform® design.

A rare original new Hastroid Cosmic Hunter (ref. H02756-A) will be produced in only 27 copies.

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