How to set up an Apple Watch

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Apple is known for making products that “just work.” apple watch is no exception. The setup process is simple, but not always super-fast, just a few taps and a little patience.

What makes things even simpler is that the process is pretty much the same for all Apple Watch models and variants. Series 3 As new and premium as apple watch ultra.

But despite this simplicity, you may still have questions. What if I’m setting up an Apple Watch that was recently reset? Do I need to set a passcode during or after setup? Is the process different for GPS + Cellular models? , helping you achieve the smoothest technical setup ever.

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How to set up your Apple Watch

  • materials needed: The Apple Watch you want to set up and an iPhone owned by the Apple Watch owner or a family member.

It’s important that your Apple Watch is fully charged before starting this process. Sufficient battery power supply is important as it may take some time for all apps and data to sync to the device. You can leave your Apple Watch on the charger during setup, but some later steps work best while you’re wearing your Apple Watch, so it’s a good idea to charge it beforehand. It is recommended.

Once your Apple Watch is at least 50% charged, the first step is simply to hold your Apple Watch near your iPhone or hold it on your wrist. If your Apple Watch isn’t on, press the button below the Digital Crown until you see the Apple logo, then release. After a few moments, the wearable’s screen will begin playing an animation that says “move iPhone closer to Apple Watch.”

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Place it near the iPhone you are using for setup and a message will pop up on your smartphone screen. Continue button. Tap this to start the process.

Apple Watch and iPhone during setup

It doesn’t have to be this close, but the closer you are, the faster you can transfer the data you need.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

After tapping Continue, the Apple Watch should start playing an animation of multicolored particles swirling in a sphere. This unique image helps initiate the pairing process when you point your iPhone’s camera at it. Use the on-screen frame to position it correctly within the camera’s view.

You can also tap if you’re having issues with your iPhone’s camera, or if something else is interfering with the pairing process pair manually on the iPhone screen. This requires you to enter some information yourself. The facts you need (basically the type and model of Apple Watch you have set up) are: “i” in circle icon on the Apple Watch display.

Apple Watch being scanned by iPhone to initiate pairing

While scanning, please capture the entire watch face within the defined frame.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

If the Apple Watch you’re setting up has already been used with this iPhone and was just reset, or if you used a previous Apple Watch with the same iPhone, we recommend using that backup with your new Apple Watch. To do. This will automatically restore nearly all previously installed apps and data, thus reducing setup time.

If an existing backup is available, you will see the option “”.Make this your new Apple Watch.” Tap this to proceed. You can view the details of an existing backup by tapping . apps and data When Configuration options to be displayed. If you want to customize which apps, data and settings to apply from your backup, Customize settingsOr, if you’re happy with the default settings you plan to use with the Express Setup version, Continue continue.

If this is your first Apple Watch, or you want to start from a clean slate, selectSet up as a new Apple Watch“option. This allows you to install only the apps and data you need.

In either case, we may ask you to apply Required software updates for Apple Watch, iPhone, or bothThis may take some time, but it’s an important step to make sure the setup proceeds correctly.

iPhone asking to restore backed up Apple Watch or set up as new

If you have a backup for this watch, or an older Apple Watch available, it’s much easier to restore from a backup.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

This step allows your new Apple Watch to sync personal data, access Find My, and maintain Activation Lock (a security measure that keeps your Apple Watch private). You can skip this step and do it later in the Watch app on your iPhone, but we highly recommend completing it as soon as possible.

If you’ve set up a second-hand Apple Watch that was previously activated with a different iCloud account, you may run into issues at this point. If the clock has been successfully reset, the clock is now active and associated with your iCloud account. However, if it hasn’t been reset, or if it was reset without unpairing the previous iPhone, the previous owner’s Activation Lock may be blocking setup.If this happens, Apple will How to proceed.

You don’t need to set a passcode on your Apple Watch, but without a passcode you won’t be able to use Apple Pay or other features. You only have to enter your passcode once each time you strap your Apple Watch, so it’s a small extra step that’s well worth the protection it offers.

You can choose a standard 4-digit passcode, create a longer passcode, or skip this step. Similar to signing in to iCloud, this step can also be done later in the Watch app on your iPhone.

Passcode setup screen during Apple Watch setup

Setting a passcode on your Apple Watch unlocks some of the features restricted by this security measure.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

This step allows you to select several options that determine the capabilities of your Apple Watch. Most of these are selected during express setup when restoring a backup. However, if you choose to change your existing settings and start from scratch, you can configure Find My features, location services settings, Wi-Fi calling options, health notification settings, diagnostics, and more. opt in.

At this point, you’ll be asked to customize your personal information, such as your date of birth (for Apple Health features). Finally, we also see details about how the Apple Watch handles safety features like Emergency SOS and fall detection.

A screen prompting the user to select a wrist during Apple Watch setup

It is important to set this correctly. Otherwise, the Apple Watch face will be upside down.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

If you have a GPS + Cellular model of Apple Watch, you’ll be asked to set up a cellular connection. This process is usually self-explanatory, but depends on the specific carrier your Apple Watch is activated with. Just follow the prompts and agree to add your Apple Watch to your carrier account.

This is also when you can set apple pay Add at least one credit card for payment.

Coming soon! In the last few steps, Apple Watch will guide you through options such as Always-On display (if available), preferred app views (list view and grid view), and a few other options. Once that’s done, all that’s left is to wait.

This is when your Apple Watch will start syncing all the apps, data, settings and other details you have selected in this process. Depending on how much you sync, this can take quite a while. Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are as close as possible during this time. In about 15-20 minutes (or less) you should be ready to enjoy your new Apple Watch.

Apple Watch syncing

Expect to stare at a loading animation like this for 20 minutes. It can take longer if you have a lot of existing apps and data.

Michael Garriffo/ZDNET

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up my Apple Watch without my iPhone?

Apple Watch and iPhone in Family Setup

You can start this process by tapping Family Member Settings.

Image: Apple

Sorting. The setup process still requires an iPhone, but he’s actually an Apple Watch owner doesn’t need to have an iPhone. This is made possible through Apple’s Family Her Setup, which is designed to allow a parent or guardian to set up an Apple Watch for their child using their iPhone, with additional parental controls and It also provides access to settings.

The process is almost identical to the steps above, but you’ll need to use an Apple Watch Series 4 (or newer) with GPS + Cellular connectivity. Since you’re not always connected to your iPhone, a cellular connection ensures that your Apple Watch can still access the data it needs.

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The main difference you’ll encounter while setting up a family is that you’ll have to assign the watch to a family member and choose whether that family member can purchase apps without your permission and disable most features. Some parental control settings such as During “schooltime” or set exercise goals.

Can I set up my Apple Watch with my iPad?

No. Unfortunately, as in the FAQ scenario above, you need an iPhone to set up your Apple Watch, even if you don’t keep your Apple Watch plugged in all the time.

How can I change my watch face?

we have A complete guide to help you but also Replace your Apple Watch faceuse our video walkthrough to create the perfect one for your needs.

How do I use Apple Music on my Apple Watch?

The Apple Music app appears on your Apple Watch by default. However, if you want to listen directly from your Apple Watch, you’ll need to manually add the music to your device.

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To do this, open the Watch app on your iPhone. Tap. my watchfollowed by musicThis screen allows you to add playlists, albums and tracks.tap at the end add musicYour selections are synced to your Apple Watch and can be heard over Bluetooth without your iPhone nearby.

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