Hive Social turns off servers after researchers warn hackers can access all data

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Hive Social, the fastest-growing social media platform since Elon Musk acquired Twitter, has a vulnerability that exposes all data stored in user accounts, a security advisory warns. service suddenly stopped on Wednesday.

“The issue we reported allowed the attacker to Access all your dataThis includes private posts, private messages, shared media and even deleted direct messages,” the Berlin-based security group Zerforschung said in an advisory released Wednesday. “This includes personal email addresses and phone numbers entered during login.”

The post goes on to say that many of the flaws they reported remained unpatched after researchers privately reported the vulnerability last Saturday. Don’t use Social,” posted with the headline.

Hive Social responded by shutting down their entire service.

“The Hive team is aware of security issues that affect application stability and user safety,” said a company official. I have written“To fix these issues, we will need to temporarily power down our servers for a few days. In the meantime, we will fix this to provide a better and more secure experience.”

Zerforschung’s post states that the vulnerability is so serious that technical details are being withheld to prevent active exploitation by malicious hackers.

This chain of events raised questions about why Hive Social waited nearly 72 hours to shut down the site after receiving a notice that users’ most private data was available for free. According to Zerforschung, after multiple iterations, Hive Social claimed to have fixed all the issues, but apparently they didn’ media sites Said We never claim that the vulnerability has been fixed.

Hive Social’s user base has reportedly doubled in recent weeks, growing from about 1 million to 2 million as of last week. according to Business Insider. Despite its significant growth, the social media site had only two staff members, both of whom had little background in security.

Representatives from both Hive Social and Zerforschung did not respond to emailed questions.

While there have been no reports of the vulnerability being actively exploited, there is currently no way to rule it out. Regardless, you should be prepared for the possibility of private messages being retrieved.

Lessons learned from this event further support Ars’ advice given on tuesday As for Mastodon, another social media site seeing a surge in user numbers in the aftermath of Musk’s acquisition of Twitter. Please don’t put anything on the site that you don’t mind making public. Never include confidential information in direct messages or anywhere else. I hope Hive Social users already know that.

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