Google Chrome address bar is getting Material You redesign: Here’s what has changed

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Google recently announced its major overhaul chromium browser, new introduction material you A makeover to give users a more personalized experience. The new look is designed to be more intuitive and easier to use. The Material You revamp improves Chrome’s tabbed interface, making it easier for users to find what they’re looking for.
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Stops the browser from appearing as a little pill-shaped container when the user taps the address bar. The newly added metamorphosis is slightly larger in size, has a more rectangular shape, and adheres to the Material You theme. Additionally, search results, websites, and suggestions are no longer displayed as text on light/dark backgrounds. Instead, each web result or suggestion is google chrome browser.
This card has a slightly lighter background than the rest of the screen, which makes the search results stand out. A dynamic color scheme gives your page an attractive look and makes it look cleaner without significantly affecting how text is displayed.
According to a report by 9to5Google, Google Chrome Material You’s address bar is similar to the integrated Pixel Launcher search.However, this time, the design is displayed samsung others android device too.

Google Find My Device App Transforms into Material You
Google has revamped the Find My Device app and reimagined Material You. This update adds a dark theme along with a brand new account picker. Now the app no ​​longer shows Dynamic Color’s previous green accents throughout his UI.
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After signing in, the app displays a list of devices associated with your account. Additionally, Google has also removed the integrated map view where connected devices are displayed at the top of the app bar.New UI makes browsing much easier with large icons
The new list approach is easier to browse with larger icons and easier to use than before. When the user makes a selection, the map will appear on the screen, showing the same device information as before. This includes battery percentage and network. Users can play sounds, protect devices, and erase devices from the bottom of the sheet.
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