Facebook Begs Staff To Use Own Broken Metaverse

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An early version of Mark Zuckerberg's avatar from Horizon Worlds.

image: meta/kotaku

according to Reported by The Bargemeta horizon world The metaverse app is so scary that even the people who make it don’t want to use it. So, if you woke up this morning thinking, “Does anyone understand what the metaverse is for?” rest assured, not yet.

horizon world According to these notes, it’s “a synchronous social network where creators can build captivating worlds.”That is, it second life, but in VR, with metabranding. The metaverse’s groundbreaking promises have always been vague and elusive like fairy dust, specifically saying what’s special and what’s different from online spaces that have been around for decades. And despite betting everything in a world where no one under 30 knows what Facebook is, Meta’s attempt to figure it out seems to be going badly. And it seems that the creator himself didn’t bother to use it.

The Barge An insider from within Meta (formerly Facebook) discussing how the flagship VR app for the so-called ‘Metaverse’ is riddled with bugs, ‘quality issues’ and ‘papercuts’, according to playtester feedback Say you saw the note. ‘, ‘It’s too hard for our community to experience that magic’ horizon

“Most of us don’t spend a lot of time. horizon Our dogfooding dashboard shows this very clearly. ” The Barge Vishal Shah, vice president of Metaverse, wrote in a memo sent to staff last month. .) “Why is that?” he continues. “We love the product we make, don’t we? The simple truth is, if we don’t love it, how can we expect our users to love it?”

There’s something very terrifying about these alleged internal communications being written with a snarky smile and clenched teeth.

All this with Meta’s Grand Hi Puba, Mark Zuckerberg, You tweeted a picture of an extremely bad avatar horizon was playing sportsThese sub-Nintendo Wii Mii-likes were rapidly retooled. With the promise of improved features This brought the application up to the PS3 era, but it did the damage. Meanwhile, at Meta HQ, it seems that internal memos were flying about wanting to know why internal staff weren’t logging in.

“Everyone in this organization should make it their mission to fall in love. horizon world”, these painful notes from the Shah are alleged to follow. “You can’t do it without using it. You’ll get there. Plan time to do it with your colleagues and friends, both in internal and public builds so you can interact with our community.”

Ah, it’s like taking a bath in Schadenfreude. He ordered his staff to love things, even though two weeks ago they were lamenting that outside feedback had revealed that the project was too bad to be used. rice field. I hope they like it to make it better!

Probably the most egregious line in these notes The Barge What they read when Shah vented about how his employees weren’t working together and not being able to “work with enough flexibility.” I say yes. He goes on to say:

“I want to be clear on this point. I’m working on a product that can’t find Product Market Fit. If it’s on horizonshould be fully open to ambiguity and change.

The “metaverse” is often promised by those looking to raise venture capital for their web3 concept, but it’s a fantasy idea that doesn’t get bogged down in real-life details during the funding round. The mirage only becomes apparent when someone has to sit down and start translating all of the gobbledgook into actual code and graphics.

This is a cruel reality that Meta seems to be trying to fight with the power of love.

We reached out to Meta for comment, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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