Evil Dead: The Game Splatter Royale Update

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of Dead Dight With the rise of Splatter Royale, more blood is coming than ever Evil Dead: The GameThis new twist on popularity Battle Royale The genre will crush 40 Deadite players and it’s going to be a groovy hour. Splatter Royale also comes with a series of new patch notes that apply to various Survivors, Demons, gameplay balance, and additional fixes to ensure a smoother experience.Also includes free content Evil Dead: The Game Updated 02/02/2023. I’ve attached my update notes below for you to check out.

Along with the new note, Saber Interactive has released a trailer for Splatter Royale. Evil Dead: The Gameattached below.

Evil Dead: The Game February 2, 2023 – Patch Notes

new function

  • New Mode: Splatter Royale.
    Splatter Royale is the newest game mode and spin on Battle Royale. You’ll battle up to 40 players as his Deadites versions of your favorite characters.

new free content

  • New Weapons: Grenade Launcher and Scythe.
  • New free outfit: Pablo’s Kandarian Facelift.

New premium content

With the Immortal Power Bundle DLC, you can purchase:

  • New Survivor: Ruby.
  • Pablo’s fish and chips costume.
  • Ash’s party animal costume.
  • Kelly’s Scourge of Evil Costume.
  • Puppet Oni Class: White Frost King Costume.

balance change

Thank you for your constructive feedback to help us make Evil Dead: The Game the grooviest experience possible. keep it going.

You can find the official feedback site here.

survivor rush meta

  • Vehicle health bar reduced by 100 points, making it more fragile.


  • An upgraded survivor’s fear reduction increases by an additional 5% from level 1 to 5, up to a maximum of 55%.
  • Ash’s Support Encouraging Presence range increased from 5m to 6m.
  • Blacksmith’s Weapon Master melee damage reduced from .25 to .2.
  • Mia’s Uncontrollable level 1 damage reduced from 0.2 to 0.1.
  • Decreased Mia’s Uncontrollable level 2 damage from .25 to .15.
  • Decreased Cheryl’s Contact Courage fear reduction from Shemps from 25 to 15.


  • Warlord Possession upgrade Balance bar strength increases by an additional 10% from level 3 to 5, up to a maximum of 45%.
  • Puppeteer Possession upgrade Balance bar strength increases by an additional 5% from level 3 to 5, up to a maximum of 40%.
  • Necromancer Possession Upgrade Balance bar strength increases by an additional 5% from level 3 to 5, up to a maximum of 25%.
  • Plaguebringer Possession upgrade Balance bar strength increases by an additional 5% from level 3 to 5, up to a maximum of 40%.
  • Demon Vision changed to Demon Power.
  • Demonic power upgrades cost an additional 5 points at level 2 and 10 points at level 3.
  • Increased the chance of Pit Deadite AI to use Filthy splatter.
  • Increased the chance for Plagued Skeleton AI to use Vicious Cycle.
  • Increased chance for Plagued Skeleton AI to use Double pierce.
  • Increased unit invulnerability after spawning a unit from a portal from 0.5s to 1s.
  • Henrietta can now cancel normal attacks with Meteor attacks.
  • NEW Demon Dash energy increase at level 1 (15), level 2 (30), and level 3 (50).
  • NEW Demon Dash additional terror that spawns at level 1 (5), level 2 (10), and level 3 (25).
  • NEWDemon Dash Cooldown reduction at level 1 (5%), level 2 (10%), level 3 (20%).
  • Increased the total number of attacks per officer (max active ability level) from 0.25 to 0.35.
  • Henrietta’s health increased from 5000 to 5600.
  • Henrietta’s balance increased from 900 to 1000.
  • Henrietta’s Meteor Attack CD decreased from 20s to 15s.
  • Decreased Henrietta’s book damage from 0.75 to 0.65.
  • Deadite Elite Possessed health increased from 3000 to 3300.
  • Deaddite Elite inventory increased from 525 to 600.
  • Deaddite Elite Reduced book damage from 0.75 to 0.65.
  • Plagued Skeleton Double Pierce Attack Base Damage increased from 200 to 220.
  • Cauldron energy cost increased from 0.2 to 0.25.


  • Players can no longer remove leaves.
    Note: Editing game files is against the Terms of Service. This action may lead to suspension or permanent ban.
  • Portraits update in matches and lobbies depending on the player’s outfit.
  • Pressing the X button while accepting an invite in a Collection no longer locks the “Character View” screen.
  • Once the demon player gains experience after the survivor collects each objective, the placeholder text will no longer be visible.
  • AI survivors can now move around objects and fences more smoothly in standalone mode.
  • AI Survivors now target enemies better during the Necronomicon phase.
  • Map pieces now have correct lighting.
  • Storms now appear correctly on the minimap.
  • Challenge Skip “Cost” string is now translated to all languages.
  • Survivor models no longer crumble when shot during the demon possession animation.
  • Players no longer partially lose input when entering a car before the art scene starts in Mission 4.
  • Mia’s active abilities are now blocked while in possession and cannot be activated by demons.
  • Deadites’ counterattacks deal damage again.
  • Demons can no longer trigger Mia’s active ability by pressing the ability button at the same time as the holding animation.
  • Deaddite no longer spawns outside the map boundaries while collecting objectives in the Remington Rapids map.
  • The “Spend Spirit Points” input no longer gets stuck if the player navigates to another tab while holding another tab.
  • The camera now blends more smoothly after exiting a special attack while holding another input.
  • The Survivors Vault window animation is now correct in the Army of Darkness map.
  • Improved Survivor animations while aiming.
  • Various fixes for picking up and stacking items.

Players can view a series of patch notes for February 2, 2023. Evil Dead: The Game and its new Splatter Royale mode hereIn addition, clicking the link will gameand other sources Saber Interactive projects such as World War Z: Aftermath and Dakar Desert Rally.

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