CompAsia Sells Affordable Second-Hand Phones At A Bargain

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CompAsia Used Phones

Most of us want to upgrade our cell phones every few years. Luckily, there are ways to get your hands on a flagship device without breaking the bank.

come in Comp Asiasells quality used phones at low prices. Combine this with our September promotions and you’ll get the most out of your savings. Here’s what to expect:

Large selection of old and new models

When buying a used cell phone, most of the purchases are made at cell phone shops where bargaining skills are essential. but, Comp Asiaall you really need to do is scroll through the site and find a variety of phone models to suit your budget.

We sell products that have recently been discontinued iPhone 13 Pro Max As well as the ones released last year, iPhone7 It is no longer officially sold. But that’s another advantage of buying second hand. If you’re a tech collector, it means you can buy a discontinued model.

The iPhone 13 Pro Max retails for $1,449 instead of its regular retail price of $1,799.

you apple If you are a lover and are keen on a good deal, iphone 11 proThe hardware was released in 2019, but its software is still upgradeable Recently released iOS 16. The updated iOS is also available for iPhone models 8 and later.

iPhone 11 Pro price on CompAsia $579about a third of OG the price of $1,649 – A clear steal of our book.

CompAsia Used Cell Phones - Samsung

Android fans, don’t worry. CompAsia sells a wide range of products. samsung including new models Galaxy S21 When S22 series.if you are looking for brand new Super bargain model, recommended Galaxy S21 5Gjust starts with $559.

That’s not all. There are many other Android brands. Huawei To Xiaomi, and is available at a very attractive can get Realme 6 (starting at $169) When Huawei P20 Pro (starting at $199) Only two orange Yusof Ishak.

32-step testing process with guaranteed quality

We may ask you to refrain from purchasing second-hand items. Will it last as good as new, or has it already been damaged by previous users? These concerns are perfectly valid, but CompAsia has a system to eliminate your doubts.

CompAsia Used Phones - Quality Check
CompAsia’s products are thoroughly quality checked before being sold.

One is that each device has an internal 32 step test process Make sure it is fully functional before selling. This includes checking battery, vibration, all cameras and speakers, and screen LCD quality. Additionally, this is on top of cosmetic checks such as scratches, dirt, and discoloration that are not part of the 32 steps.

Then there is the added 3 months minimum warranty For added peace of mind. If 3 months isn’t enough, she upgrades the warranty to 2 years. That’s roughly how long most of us keep our phones before upgrading.

Get $30 Off Affordable Cell Phones This Month At CompAsia

Kon Asia website

CompAsia’s phones are already very affordable, but here’s the kicker. september deals it will give you $30 off minimum spending of $300.All you have to do is check the purchases between September 22-30, 2022.

Still, paying cash upfront isn’t everyone’s pocket-friendly.If so, you have the option to use Grab and Atome installment plan 0%These split your payments over three months so you don’t empty your savings all at once.

September deals

These savings will allow you to upgrade your phone to the ultra-cool Samsung Galaxy Z-Flip you’ve been eyeing, or the iPhone 13 Pro Max that everyone raves about.

Click here for used smartphones from CompAsia

This post was provided by CompAsia.
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