Clean AirPods Pro: What to use, how, and what to avoid

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Due to their in-ear design, AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd generation) can get dirty faster than AirPods. But cleaning them is easy if you know what to avoid and what materials/tools are best. Read what not to do.

The instructions below work for AirPods and AirPods Pro, but we’ll cover details specific to the latter, which have removable eartips and an in-ear design.

How to clean dirty AirPods Pro and charging case

AirPods Pro Cleaning Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do not use your AirPods Pro or charging case underwater
  • Do not use sharp or abrasive tools, materials or cleaners
  • Do not get water or other objects into the charging case or charging contacts

What are the best materials and tools to clean your AirPods Pro?

Cleaning your AirPods Pro earbuds

  1. Wipe your AirPods Pro with a clean microfiber cloth
  2. Slightly dampen the cloth with fresh water if necessary
    • apple To tell Clorox sanitizing wipes similar to AirPods/AirPods Pro or 70% isopropyl/ethyl alcohol are fine
  3. Allow them to dry completely before putting them back into the charging case or ears.
  4. Remove some of the excess cotton from the end of the swab tool for more precision
  5. Use a flosser pick to break up hard-to-reach areas and remove them. Do not pierce or pierce grilles, microphones, or other critical components.
  6. blue tack Another great way to remove dirt and gunk from black speaker grills.

Clean the AirPods Pro eartips

  1. Clean the outside using a dry, clean microfiber cloth or cotton swab
  2. For a thorough cleaning, remove the silicone ear tips by pulling firmly.
  3. Rinse with fresh water (Apple says to skip soap and other cleaners)
  4. dry them with your clean cloth
  5. blue tack Can be used to clean speaker grills when eartips are removed
  6. Push it back until it clicks (make sure the ovals are aligned).

AirPods Pro charging case

  1. Wipe the AirPods Pro charging case with a clean, dry cloth
  2. If necessary, lightly dampen the cloth with isopropyl alcohol or use Clorox wipes.
  3. Keep liquids and other objects away from the charging port/contacts.
  4. blue tack A great way to remove dirt and gunk from the outside and inside of your charging case.
Cleaning the AirPods Pro charging case

Broken charging case?

If debris or deposits build up against the charging contacts of the charging case:

  • you could try a manual blower Previous try canned air.
  • Ideally, you shouldn’t stick anything towards the charging contacts to avoid damage, but you can carefully try floss picks or cotton swabs if needed.
  • For further assistance, please contact your local Apple Store or AASP

Thanks for reading our guide on how to clean your AirPods Pro! Check out Apple’s full version Click here for support documentation.

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