Apple Music subscribers can listen to the Replay 2023 playlist starting today. As always, this playlist will rank all the music you listen to on Apple Music from 1 to 100 and will be updated weekly, so as 2023 rolls on, we’ll be showing you the most streamed songs of the year. can be tracked.

Replays 2023, updated every Sunday, shows the latest of your favorite music on Apple Music. By December, playlists will have an overall list of your 100 favorite songs on Apple Music.

Once you’ve listened to enough music to generate a playlist, it will appear at the bottom of the Listen Now tab in Apple Music on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.There is also a more detailed version of the data tracking feature in Apple Music for the webincludes the most streamed artists and albums, as well as detailed play and play time stats.

Starting in 2019, Apple will be making Replay playlists available each year. Spotify Wrapped has dominated this segment of the music streaming business for several years, thanks in large part to his easy-to-share infographic coming out in early December. In addition to the Replay playlist, last year Apple introduced A “highlight reel” feature with more stats about each user’s listening history at the end of the year.

Go to the Apple Music app or Apple Music on the web Add the Replay 2023 playlist to your library. If you haven’t listened to enough music in 2023 yet, your playlists may not appear in the Apple Music app.Listening to more music shows the Replay 2023 playlist as normal[Listen Now]displayed in the tab.

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