NY gun laws cause confusion for hunting sports enthusiasts

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New gun laws enacted in New York state have caused confusion about certain hunting-related sporting activities.

At the Trap Range, Noah St. John finds peace of mind.

“When I’m here in Trap Field, it’s really distracting. I just have time to focus on myself and do my best on Trap Field.”

Noah started taking pictures with his father at an early age.

“It was a bonding time because I was just spending time with my dad in nature,” St. John said.

He currently has three appearances in the state qualifier for high school trap shooting.

“It takes time to get good at things,” said St. John. “I realized that I really have to work hard to make things better in life, including this one.”

But trap shooting has been a hot topic of late following new gun laws that went into effect in New York State. Some people are confused by the wording prohibiting the use of guns in “sensitive places”, including

“It’s flawed. It raises so many issues that it’s confusing,” said Republican Senator Pam Helming.

Helming has introduced legislation to clarify the issue, but unless a special session is convened, it may have to wait until January before it is reintroduced.

“a FAQ page Advertisements on DEC’s New York website can be removed at any time,” Helming said. “I don’t even know who wrote it.”

New Yorkers, especially enthusiastic high schoolers, deserve a choice, she says.

“Whether it’s football, soccer, marching band or clay shooting, we need our students to take advantage of these opportunities. It helps them stay strong mentally and physically. .”

St. John considers the trap hunting community to be one of the best.

“They are very nice people,” said St. John. “When you talk to people, they really care about this sport and how you’re doing in it.”

he wants to see it protected.

“There are a lot of people doing it,” said St. John. “I think it would be a real shame if they did anything to harm this.”

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