Justin Fields’ quarterback education continues even while out for Bears

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LAKE FOREST, Ill. — In a season all about quarterback Justin Fields’ development, the Bears know they can’t let a rep go to waste, whether on the field or in his mind. increase.

Fields missed the Bears’ Week 12 loss to the New York Jets with a separated left shoulder. He watched backup Trevor Siemian coordinate the offense from the sidelines and talked non-stop with offensive coordinator Luke Getzi and quarterback coach Andrew Janoko about what Siemian was up to. did.

“We had a conversation every drive,” Ghetzee said Thursday. “I think Andrew was doing it with Justin on the phone and I think I was doing it with him on the field. I don’t want to miss the opportunity and why he did it, what he did, what he did wrong, and what decisions he made well.”

When asked about how Simian led the offense, Fields mentioned a checkdown to running back Darrington Evans that ended up gaining 33 yards. It was an example of what a second-year quarterback can get better as the season goes on.

“That was an important play,” Ghetze said. “Yeah, that’s just cool – your primary receiver got caught. Without waiting until the second hitch, hold, hold, hold. Leading up to his checkdown, it turned into an explosive. So , all those moments are important things he can glean from the people he plays.

Fields said of Checkdown, “How did he get to him on time?” “Normally you don’t get to checkdown on time like that. It was very remarkable to me how fast he got to checkdown.”

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likely field limited in practice 23 year olds during the week i want to go back on sunday When the Green Bay Packers visited Lambeau Field. Siemian, who injured his oblique in the warm-up before the Jets’ loss, hasn’t practiced this week.

Whether or not Fields returns on Sunday, the Bears are set to pick up where they left off. Build up good practice and good habits.

“That’s been our focus all year, but we just keep getting better,” said Getzie. “The session in the movie room was really good. He got locked in last week. He did a great job with it. He got locked in again. We have to keep progressing. He keeps growing.” To gain these experiences so that we can continue to learn from them, he can grow.

“Because that’s the biggest reason. These opportunities. It stinks that he couldn’t be there because he needs as many opportunities and experiences as possible, but obviously, We are not going to risk it for anything.”

Fields’ on-site development has been temporarily suspended, but work continues in classrooms and bystanders. No detours are essential to the bears’ rebuilding journey.

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