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Match officials have been issued guidance on offenses involving religious headdresses after Sky Sports and former referee Jarnail Singh expressed concern over an incident involving Sikh and Punjabi football players. .

In a Spartan South Midlands League match earlier in January, Langford FC midfielder Charan Basra allegedly pulled his patka (a religious head covering worn by many Sikhs) by an opposing player. I was given a second yellow card after seeing

The referee appeared not to have seen the original incident, but it was controversial on Twitter for days after it was first shared online by social media handles. @UB1UB2.

British South Asians in football at Sky Sports Principal Dev Trehan took up the issue directly with Jarnail Singh, the first referee in English League football to wear a turban, who refereed over 150 matches between 2004 and 2010.

Less than 48 hours later, Jarnail was looking at her youngest child Bhupinder Singh Gil Making history as first Sikh Punjabi assistant referee in a Premier League game – and then sky sports news Exclusively broke Story in December.

eldest son of Journail, Sunny Shin Gill is the country’s highest-ranked South Asian heritage match referee.

Jarnail communicated directly with colleagues from the Referees Association, the FA Referees Department and the FA Referees Commission to provide insight into the importance and importance Sikhs wear on religious head coverings such as turbans and patkas .

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Just two weeks after beginning contact with the trial authorities on the matter, sky sports news can exclusively disclose that match officials across the country have been issued specific guidance relating to such incidents.

Match officials have said that head coverings such as patrols and turbans are considered religious clauses of faith. should be viewed as an act of kindness.

Violations seen using offensive, insulting and/or abusive language or behavior should be punished with a mandatory red card and should be treated as an S6 violation.

Janail said Sky Sports News: “I am very happy to have contributed to improving the education and understanding of football in the South Asian and Sikh communities.

“This is an excellent example of cooperation and collaboration by all involved, especially the Chairman of the FA Referees Commission and the FA Referees Department.

“We are really happy to work with Dev, Sky Sports, the Football Association and families of referees to help promote equality and inclusion for diverse ethnic communities in football.”

Trehan said Sky Sports News: “Jarnail is a pioneer of Sikh Punjabi and an icon of British South Asian football. It’s a moment to cherish and savor for everyone involved.I am a Langford FC midfielder, Charan Basra himself a great role model and will be very pleased with the result.

“Thanks to everyone involved in this process, @UB1UB2 and the Sikh Press Association for pushing this forward, and Sky Sports News’ digital team and output editors for continuing to support a truly innovative endeavor around the UK. You have to be a South Asian in football.”

Singh: Great day for English football

Micky Singh, spokesperson for Apna England’s Official Supporters Group, said: Sky Sports News: “This is unprecedented and provides a sense of freedom and protection to all football players who have ever been involved in the game wearing Sikhs and Patkas.

“I can’t explain how I felt when I learned that if my grandson made it all the way to the elite games, he would get some protection and be able to respect his faith.

“This is a momentous occasion for Sikhs, a game changer for British South Asians and a great day for British football.

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MP Preet Kaur Gil, the first Sikh woman in parliamentary history, told Sky Sports News it was a proud moment for Sikhs when Bupinder and Sunny Singh Gil host the same championship game. said it would be.

Preet Kaul Gill, the country’s first Sikh female parliamentarian, said: Sky Sports News: “It is clear that there is still a long way to go in terms of education and understanding of the Sikh Articles of Faith.

“It is very important that all people, regardless of religion, are respected both on and off the pitch.

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