Big names in Philly sports talk Eagles and the love of Philadelphia fans

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Fans of all types support Birds for Sunday. Darren Dalton Foundation At a fundraiser Friday night, many of the big names in Philadelphia sports were talking about the Eagles.

Tom Burgoyne, a close friend of the Philly Fanatic, said, “There seems to be a lot of love for sports teams playing in the city right now.

Glenside resident Joe Liebesch said, “This is an ad for Philadelphia where we unite, and that’s a good thing.

In honor of legendary Philly Darren Dalton, fans flocked to raise money for his brain tumor treatment, but the Philadelphia sports mogul also spoke about football.

“The city needs this. It’s such a great sports town and it’s so loyal,” said Mickey Morandini, Phillies greats in 1993. It’s great to have two teams in the big game at the moment.”

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Dickie Knowles, 1980 Phillies, commented:

Having played for the 1980 World Series-winning Phillies team, Knowles knows the passion of Philadelphia fans. “Citizens he has a full bank and Lincoln Financial when his field is full it gives him energy. I think he will be able to play better.”

Morandini continued, “They are so loud! And you know, I know the Eagles and Purdy. [San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy] Come on over here Rookie, he’d never been to anything like that to see on Sunday, so that’s pretty awesome.

“Now it’s time to be Philadelphian. So I stayed. I mean, the electricity ran between the two teams and now we’re here for Darren Dalton and it all comes together. I mean, it’s a city of brotherhood!” exclaimed former Eagles defensive end Mike Mummra.

“I love how teams support each other. It’s great to see the city come together as the Phillies support the Eagles and the Eagles support the Phillies and Sixers!” cried Burgoyne.

If you are interested in helping or donating to a brain tumor patient, Visit the Darren Dalton Foundation website.

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