What’s next for fashion and luxury in APAC: Vogue Business event in Singapore

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Zalora CEO Gunjan Soni added that the APAC region has been very receptive to new experiments such as NFTs. She said Zalora is “bull” about pursuing innovation and staying ahead of the curve. While many of our loyal consumers are millennials, new consumers from Gen Z have very different demands, and strategies such as personalized promotions are key to fostering loyalty.

Saurabh R Gupta, Citi’s global sales head of consumer, wellness and healthcare, agrees that hyper-personalization is becoming more and more important, with digital interfaces tending to become more experiential and emotional. He talked about an “Internet of sensations”. He also talked about localized habits and how they can increase or decrease sales. For example, Paynow in Singapore, Promptpay in Thailand, Wechat in China, and other payment and checkout systems that people are familiar with.

Zalora’s Soni explains how the transformation of the region’s internet infrastructure has helped e-commerce take off over the past seven years, going from accepting three payment options to adding about 18 different wallet or post-purchase payment options. shared insights on how it scaled to Taiwan and Hong Kong are leaders in these types of technologies, with Southeast Asia being more extensive. Zalora, on the other hand, has always found the Philippines to be the earliest adopter of social tools, and treats the Philippines as an experimental market for his social commerce. She also said that luxury consumers are adopting new technology much faster.

Thinking more about supply chains and authentication, Le Gal talked about how Vestiaire Collective implemented new blockchain technology to scale up authentication and help manual validators make the process more efficient. . Citi’s Gupta further talked about some of the brightest technologies hitting the market, citing his DressX attending the event as his provider of solutions that bring doorstep connectivity to products sold online. rice field.

The final panel was virtually hosted by editorial director Yiling Pan. vogue business in China. The hybrid format will feature Zhou Rui, Brand Solutions General Manager of Xiaohongshu (Red) and Jean-Philippe Pokern, Head of Marketing APAC for sporting goods company On, and Paul Harris, MD APAC for McLaren and Anusha. You have to participate. Couttigane joined from the live stage. Together they discussed the prospects for China and the different approaches brands are taking in the East and West.

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