The Real Meaning Behind The New Singapore Airlines Ad Campaign: Shots Fired

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The real meaning behind Singapore Airlines’ new advertising campaign: Shots Fired

new when i wake up this morning Global advertising campaign From Singapore Airlines, which is called “World Class”, please do not I will explain in their release.

The campaign video showcases how Singapore Airlines flight attendants travel the world and connect with people and cultures. It is this personal connection that enables the airline to deliver world-class service every day.That’s not right real message for this campaign and this video

Images of Barcelona, ​​Mumbai, Singapore, Auckland and Shanghai are great. Show the flight attendants traveling around the world, reclaim her discovery Traveling to the cabin was at the core of the airline’s fantastic “The Lengths We Go” ten years ago. For example, I attended a film festival in India, selected movies for the KrisFlyer entertainment system, and served an in-flight tea I discovered while traveling.

Ignore the campaign esoterics and delve into the deeper Straussian esoterics. Notice the specific language of the video. cabin image.

Not a five star badge, but an unexpected six star treat.

First class is something you can buy, but world class is what we are all about.

five stars badge It’s clearly aimed at a Gulf carrier. In 2019, Etihad Airways lost his 5-star rating from Skytrax and a year and a half later he was awarded a 5-star badge by APEX. Emirates also has 5 stars from her APEX. I will take his 2018 Singapore opinion on these badges. American Airlines has been upgraded to 5 stars by APEX. likewise.

Singapore Airlines says it’s true quality. In their DNA, they work hard and invest in every detail.they I made a model Airbus A380 using a manila envelope The seats on the plane also recline. Dig under the surface and all the hidden details will catch your attention. Catchphrase: “It’s the details that make the giants of the sky.”

This is the ethic emphasized in Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, that the inner workings that no one sees must be as high quality as everything on the surface. A belief (perhaps instilled in him by his father at an early age). No wonder Singapore Airlines and Apple are both iconic brands.

After declaring the difference between First Class (paying extra for certain quality) and World Class (everything is of high quality), the video declares “Welcome to World Class” and what it means Do not view suites as symbolic of Instead, a flight attendant stands in the aisle. EconomyIt’s their people and they’re proud of who they are Whole product.

Singapore offers great premium services. You can justifiably brag about coach service, not to mention suites with separate seating and beds, an excellent main meal service and wine program, and an excellent Lalique amenity kit.

Emirates uses top-notch first-class products as a halo to mask inferior business class, but Singapore barely touches even the economy cabin.

Singapore offers more legroom than US airlines. But it goes beyond basic seating. The coach has a 6-way adjustable headrest and padded Seats with back support and adjustable footbars (which are usually offered in premium economy on US airlines and not even in domestic first class). Their coach seats have cup holders and coat hooks, as well as pouches for cell phones that are handy for charging ports, and a large 11.1-inch touchscreen video for watching the KrisFlyer entertainment system.

In economy class you will receive a pillow and blanket. The size is not stamp size. Also, I hadn’t checked on their coach food in recent months, but they always served the same meals in economy that they served premium economy passengers (although premium economy served more food). There are choices and pre-order options, and even larger quantities.) Economy class passengers are served meals that I would actually eat.

The true message of this campaign is consistent with Singapore Airlines’ message over the past decade, that they have put in a lot of effort and invested in every detail, and it shows through their product. You can dig beneath the surface and find deep quality.

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