Singapore’s Orchard Towers beefs up security hoping for clubs and bars to continue operating, but police say no

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SINGAPORE, January 30 — Four men in neon yellow vests, with the word ‘Security’ written in large white prints, scrutinize the floors and parameters of Orchard Tower every night from 10pm to 5am. Patrolling.

These security personnel are hired by the associations that handle business at Orchard Towers to manage public area security and deter solicitation. We hope the authorities will reconsider their decision to cut operator licenses in the building.

but accordingly todayWhen asked about it, police said they were sticking with their decision.

In a statement on Friday (27 January), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) said the license for the existing public entertainment outlet at Orchard Towers will not be renewed after 31 May.

This affects 12 commercial establishments that hold Category 1 public entertainment licenses that allow them to offer dancing, singing and live performances on their premises.

The 12-unit operator was licensed in July last year. Will not be renewed after May 31, 2023The move, police said, was part of “continued efforts to manage the law and order situation and inconvenience.”

Known for its nightclubs and bars, this 18-story mixed-use building also houses offices and apartments and is located along Singapore’s main shopping street.

On Friday, police said in response to a consistent and high volume of strong feedback from nearby residents and neighborhood developments about “public safety, side jobs and nuisances,” on-site public entertainment operators said he had been involved for many years.

“Businesses or property owners have been given from July 2022 to May 2023 to make adjustments.

“During this period, they can apply to the Urban Redevelopment Authority for a change of use application for the Orchard Tower facility or apply for a separate public entertainment license to relocate their business,” the SPF said. .

‘There is still hope’ license will be renewed

Still, some club owners hope the police will reconsider their position.

“Before we added security, we used to have major fights at least once a week. Only,” he said.

Another club executive, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the security enhancements had made Orchard Towers “safer.”

“Additional security has allowed us to increase security on top of our existing bouncers and resolve a fight between the two clubs.

“But if the additional security doesn’t change the police’s position, we have to follow the authorities,” the official said.

In a statement on Friday, the Orchard Towers Business Association (OTBA) said the appointed security firm, A Security Pte Ltd, began operations on January 1 and will be deployed daily from 10pm to 5am the next day. said.

Some operators have agreed to close their business hours at 4am instead of 6am each day and have made arrangements with OTBA to keep nighttime activities “safe” in their buildings.

“OTBA hopes that current initiatives and efforts will enable the Singapore Police to reconsider the reduction of public recreational licenses at Orchard Tower after May 2023 this year,” the association said. increase.

An association spokesperson said affected operators are currently paying around S$22,000 per month for additional security services.

Singapore Nightlife Business Association president Nasen Thiagarajan said an additional four security guards will patrol common areas and will be supported by in-house security guards.

“Security guards will stop any form of solicitation in public places…if they are loitering, they will be asked to move or leave the premises,” he added.

Previously, building managers posted three security guards every night to manage residential areas, shopping malls, and guard posts. When a brawl breaks out in a public space, security guards call the police.

Nasen acknowledged that while these initiatives are not a silver bullet to the problem, they can show both authorities and operators that they can do business “safely.”

Mr Jothi said it was not easy for nightclubs to relocate and get approval for public entertainment licenses.

“People will lose their jobs. We are stuck and don’t know what to do. I hope the police look into this matter and give us a chance,” he said. Told. – today

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