Singapore-based social networking app Bondee hit with allegations of credit card misuse

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SINGAPORE – Days after the rapid rise of Singapore-based social networking app Bondee, users were hesitant to continue using the app after allegations of misuse of credit card information surfaced online this week. rice field.

Combining elements of the metaverse, online gaming, and messaging, the app surpassed 1 million downloads on Google Play and topped the App Store charts after its release on January 15th. Since then, users have been sporting personalized 3D avatars and dominating social media feeds. and virtual room.

However, speculation about Bondee’s data policies surfaced on social media after a user posted a screenshot of an unauthorized bank transfer, claiming it occurred after installing the Bondee app.

Some users highlighted Bondi’s visual style as being very similar to Zheli, a Chinese app that went viral once owned by Chinese tech company Zheli was removed from the app store in early 2022 after its data privacy practices came under scrutiny. According to Metadream, the rights to will be acquired by Bondee in 2022.

Bondee’s parent company, Metadream, responded to allegations about its use of credit card details in a statement Friday night, saying the allegations are false and that the company does not collect credit card information.

Metadream said on Instagram:

“Metadream does not currently collect credit card information or other financial information from users and we would like to assure our users that such rumors are false and untrue. We are also conducting a comprehensive review and want to assure our users that our system and their personal data are safe and secure.”

Metadream added that it will take legal action against those who spread false information about its services.

After the statement was made, several posts expressing concerns about Metadream’s data privacy practices were removed from social media.

Straits Times has reached out to Metadream and police for comment.

Metadream, which describes itself as an “independent technology company” that purchased the rights to in May 2022, is further developing the app for an international audience. A review of the Singapore Business Directory reveals that Metadream will be launched in September 2022 and has offices in Duo Tower, Bugis.

Bondee was released in Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and other regional countries in January. Next-generation networking apps let users chat over text. Animated avatars convey facial expressions in the background of commands. You can also decorate your own virtual room with simulation his video his game his The Sims stream.

The app requires users to provide their name, account ID, password, mobile number and date of birth, but does not collect credit card information.

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