Singapore Airlines Now Offering Free Wi-Fi For More Flyers

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Singapore Airlines has changed its in-flight Wi-Fi availability, offering free and unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi to all First Class and Business Class customers, and granting some free passes to all other passengers as well. bottom.

Wi-Fi policy changes for Singapore website first discovered by mostly miles Monday morning.

According to Singapore All Singapore Suites, First Class and Business Class travelers enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi on all Singapore Airlines flights. Flight. Additionally, the elite-level flyer with his PPS Cub status also enjoys unlimited free Wi-Fi.

The news makes Singapore Airlines the first Asia Pacific airline to offer free and unlimited premium cabin Wi-Fi. Travelers certainly hope that this trend will continue to spread around the world.

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Singapore Airlines business class

And it’s not just the flyer sitting in front that benefits. Let’s not forget that Singapore Airlines’ Premium His Economy and Economy travelers are entitled to free His Wi-Fi, though not for the entire flight.

Premium Economy travelers with a complimentary Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer account enjoy 3 hours of complimentary onboard Wi-Fi. Economy Flyers with a KrisFlyer account get 2 hours free. Travelers who do not have a complimentary KrisFlyer frequent flyer account will not be able to use the complimentary Wi-Fi on board.

Singapore Airlines Free Wi-Fi Chart
(Singapore Airlines)

Given the price Singapore charges per megabyte for Wi-Fi, these new allowances are a huge boon for Singaporean travelers. Internet plans that allow messaging only are $4 per hour. From there, Singapore charges per megabyte for Wi-Fi. 100MB is $10, 200MB is $16. You can also purchase “Surf” access for $16. It doesn’t list a megabyte limit, but it’s only available for 3 hours at a time.

Singapore Airlines Inflight Wi-Fi Connection Method
(Singapore Airlines)

The only planes in Singapore that don’t offer free Wi-Fi are Boeing 737-800s, which mainly fly short-haul flights around Southeast Asia. The Boeing 737-8 MAX has Wi-Fi.

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Singapore Airlines is now offering free and unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi to all suite, first and business class passengers, as well as a few hours of free service for Premium Economy and Economy travelers.

Singapore Airlines is now the first Asia Pacific airline to offer free and unlimited in-flight Wi-Fi, hoping to pave the way for other airlines in the region and around the world. .

Lead photo credit: Singapore Airlines

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