Singapore: 60-year-old man who committed incest with intellectually disabled daughter jailed for seven years

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SINGAPORE, Dec. 24 (The Straits Times/ANN): When a man’s then 24-year-old mentally handicapped daughter told him that he had fallen in love with a member of a South Korean boy band, he was agitated, Showed her porn videos and then asked her to perform sexual acts.

On Friday (December 23), a 60-year-old man was sentenced to seven years in prison.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of incest on December 7. One of his charges was read out with a passage from the Criminal Code.

Two other similar charges were considered in his sentence.

The names of the 28-year-old man and his daughter cannot be disclosed due to oral defense orders to protect the identity of the woman.

Before handing down the verdict on Friday, Chief Justice of the District Court, Toh Han Li, cited the perpetrator’s grooming of her daughter, abuse of trust and vulnerability of the victim.

Deputy Prosecutor Yvonne Poon previously said the victim was an out-of-wedlock child and was raised in the care of his maternal grandmother.

Her biological parents married in 2002 and the victim first met her father when she was 14.

Between 2008 and 2014, the victim saw his father about once every two years. He lived with his parents when he was 19.

Around the Chinese New Year in 2019, the perpetrator showed her his genitals and asked her to massage them. The victim did as he was told.

“He did this under the pretext of sexually educating her so that she would not become pregnant by another man,” the DPP said.

After the incident, the victim had sex with her father at least four times.

In April 2020, the two were dining together in their apartment. Her father was furious, screaming at her daughter’s poor hygiene and refusing to speak.

Later that day, the victim apologized to his father and sat on the sofa in the living room looking at his crotch. The accused pulled down his pants, speculating that she was offering him to perform a sexual act.

Afterwards, he told her she did well and reminded her to keep the incident a secret.

His crimes came to light when the woman confided in a trainer at the organization she volunteered for.

She was then evaluated by a doctor at the Institute of Mental Health, who said in her report that the victim understood that her father’s behavior was not right.

However, because she relied on her parents because of her intellectual disability, she had a hard time defending herself against her father’s actions.

For each incest charge, offenders can be imprisoned for up to five years. For crimes against vulnerable victims, the maximum sentence can be double hers. -The Straits Times/ANN

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