Shenzhen Delegation Went to Singapore to Conduct Economic and Trade Exchanges, Seizing Opportunities for Development and Cooperation

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Singapore, January 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ON January 28ththe first day of work for the Chinese New Year, the Guangdong Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China and the People’s Government Guangdong Held provincial-level high-quality development conferences, mobilized and rolled out important work throughout the year, and promoted the whole province to form an enterprising trend of catching up with each other on the road of high-quality development.On the day of the conference, at the invitation of the embassy China of SingaporeShenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Nanshan District Government organized enterprises, Singapore For city promotion, product promotion, enterprise visits, economic and trade exchanges.

embassy China of Singapore 2023 “Prosperity and New Vision” Spring Festival Cultural Celebration SingaporeThrough the on-site production and display of intangible cultural heritage, the interaction of modern aesthetic interpretation of traditional cultural content and high-tech forms, the glorious achievements of the creative transformation and innovative development of Chinese traditional culture are exhibited and charmed. Shows about modern Chinese culture. Take advantage of the event to Shenzhen Set up delegation Shenzhen An exhibition hall with the theme of “unfolding the story of Shenzhen”. Shenzhen highlight the characteristics of Shenzhen Display brand in shenzhen.

upon January 29thShenzhen Exhibition Hall officially announced, Singapore results of Shenzhen’s 43 Years of Reform and Opening Up, Vividly Depicting a New Japan Shenzhen’s Fusion of culture and technology. Wang Ruijie (Heng Swee Keat), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Economic Policy Coordination SingaporeWhen Sun KaienAmbassador China To Singapore I attended an event.

This Shenzhen exhibition hall hosts three exhibition areas.ry-THeme area”, “New technology”y-Exhibition Area” and “New Experien”ce – Intelaction area.

next, Shenzhen The delegation also visited well-known institutions and companies such as Singapore Information Media Development Authority, Singapore Keppel Enterprises, Singapore Yang Road Group, etc. ShenzhenSingapore Coordination and construction of smart cities ShenzhenSingapore Take full advantage of the high-tech park, Shenzhen When Singaporedeepen mutual docking and cooperation, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.

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