Marvion Organizes the Region’s First Web 5.0 Conference in Singapore on 1 November 2022

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well known Bitcoin billionaire and chief scientist at nChain, Doctor Craig Wright Metaverse, NFTs, legal and intellectual property other thought leaders will initiate conversations during the conference.

Singapore, September 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bonanza Goldfields Corp. (OTC:BONZ) announced that Marvion™️ will host the region’s first Web 5.0 conference. Singapore at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel November 1, 2022.

Under the theme of “Web 5.0 Conference”Enhancing Ownership in the Digital Ageis defined by four broad themes: innovation, technology and security, law and regulation, and investment and application. Discussion and Topics: Famous Bitcoin Billionaire and nChain Chief His Scientist, Doctor Craig Wright Start conversations with other thought leaders on key trends and topics such as metaverse, NFTs, legal and intellectual property. At the same time, an exhibition showcasing his art and collectible NFTs is offered to all visitors.

“We are reviewing this first conference and its speaker line-up and look forward to presenting a unique and immersive Web 5.0 experience that will speak to our audience. , collaboration is key, so it’s important for industry players to start sharing ideas and seed the broader Web 5.0 debate.” Doctor herbert leefounder and chairman of Marvion.

There’s also an exclusive world premiere trailer for the crime drama TV series. forensic psychologistwas produced by the award-winning Phoenix Waters Productions.12-episode series presents actress-led stories exploring criminal behavior and mental health Jeannie Chanand various directors directed the production, including the showrunner Bijan Thong.

“We believe there is no better place to start the world premiere of the Forensic Psychologist trailer than with an exclusive screening at the Web 5.0 conference. has sold out, which is why I’m convinced there is huge demand and Marvion is poised to lead the media industry turmoil.” Bijan ThongCEO of Phoenix Waters Productions and creator of Forensic Psychologist.

Admission to the Web 5.0 Conference is free, seating is limited, and registration is required. Attendees can register for the event at:

for For more details on the main highlights of the Web 5.0 Conference 2022, see Appendix A below.

Web 5.0 Conference 2022
date: November 1, 2022
Venue: Grand Copthorne Waterfront
392 Havelock Road, Singapore
time: 9am to 6pm (meeting)
6:00pm to 10:00pm (Gala auction)


For media inquiries, please contact:
Adeline To
public relations
[email protected]

About the Web 5.0 Conference

The Web 5.0 Conference (W5C) is the only premier event dedicated to developing the Web 5.0 ecosystem in the United States. AsiaW5C brings together thought leaders, entrepreneurs, investors and industry insiders to create unique Web 5.0 networking opportunities, both online and offline. Collectively, they aim to define what it would be like to “return ownership and control of identity and data to the individual”.

About Marvion

Marvion is a metaverse technology company in the media and entertainment industry focused on film, drama, animation, comics, music and games, providing content and entertainment for both adults and children. Most media and entertainment content today is digital in nature, but exists in the real world as intangible assets with intrinsic value, such as intellectual property, licenses and contractual rights.

Marvion applies blockchain and NFT technology as tools to disrupt and improve the existing media and entertainment industry and its current practices. The technology underpinning NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) has multiple functional use cases, some of which are transformative and others subject to regulation. Marvion uses NFT technology solely to create legally binding Digital Ownership Tokens (DOTs) for tangible and intangible media and entertainment assets.

More information about Marvion™️:


program highlights

Main conference room

breakout room




How Web 5.0 can help
protected by creators,
Monetize your IP


conference thought leader presentation

Speaker: Dr. Craig Wright, Bitcoin Billionaire &
Chief Scientist nChain


Web 5.0 event opening

Speaker: Dr. Herbert Lee, Founder of XBE


lunch break


DOT VS NFT: What we learned in the past 1

What will happen to Web 5.0 technologies?
change the face of


Using DOT for art, merch, and music

Crypto Winter, NFT Crash,
what’s next…Define
Web5.0 and where are we going
from here.


Legal Implications of DOT on Business

Speakers: Joshua Chu, CRO XBE

Is Web 5.0 the Metaverse:
Web 5.0 is
Internet and its impact on you


tea break


Phoenix Waters Productions: Explore
How NFTs can improve the viewer experience

What are consumer rights?
The world of Web 5.0 and how
you can protect them


Evolution of art and technology:
Curating Art in the Digital Age

Speaker: Terry Lee

what are the rights of
Creators who have stood the test of time
of Web 5.0


happy hour


Gala NFT Auction – 33 Auctions


End of event

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