EU and Singapore launch Digital Partnership

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To address rising levels of cybercrime, the World Economic Forum today launched an initiative at its 2023 Annual Meeting to map cybercrime activity and identify joint public and private sector responses.

Built on forum expertise Partnership against cybercrimethe Cybercrime Atlas Initiative brings together leading cybercrime investigators, national and international law enforcement agencies, and global businesses to share knowledge, develop policy recommendations, and identify opportunities for coordinated action to combat cyberthreats. provide a platform for

World Economic Forum Managing Director Jeremy Jurgens said: “The insights generated will help foster greater opportunities for cooperation between the private sector and law enforcement to combat cybercrime.”

Cybercrime, such as the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack in May 2021, prompted U.S. President Joe Biden to declare a state of emergency, but national security, public institutions, and businesses of all sizes have been threatened. is a threat to Despite the amount of digital data collected on cybercriminal activity around the world, efforts to combat it are often uncoordinated, disjointed and fragmented. The Cybercrime Atlas aims to map the cybercrime landscape, covering criminal activity, structures and networks.

First unveiled at the RSA Conference in San Francisco in June 2022, the Cybercrime Atlas benefits from a year of free analysis of 13 criminal groups by cybercrime investigators. Their approach and findings have been welcomed by law enforcement agencies.

Jürgen Stock, Executive Director of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) said: “Global solutions must include private sector insights to enable law enforcement to prevent, detect, investigate and disrupt cybercrime.”

The Secretariat of the Cybercrime Atlas Initiative, with support from Fortinet, Microsoft, PayPal and Santander, will be hosted by the World Economic Forum for the next 2-3 years until it is sufficiently established to become an independent platform will be

Fortinet CEO Ken Xie said: “A global, unified effort will make it easier to overcome obstacles that protect cybercriminals.”

The Forum’s Partnerships Against Cybercrime initiative brings together a community of experts to foster momentum for public-private partnerships to combat cybercrime.

“Cybercriminals work behind the scenes, exploiting vulnerabilities to unleash devastating attacks. It provides a critical forum for leveraging the cross-functional data, capabilities, and expertise critical to stopping the virus at speed and scale.”, Microsoft.

Assaf Keren, PayPal Chief Information Security Officer and Vice President of Enterprise Cyber ​​Security, said: “The Cybercrime Atlas is an important next step in this work and represents an opportunity to connect global companies, law enforcement and experts on concrete opportunities to keep the world’s citizens and their safety safe. “

Dirk Marzluf, Group Chief Operating Officer and Head of Technology, Banco Santander, said: “Organizations must broaden their horizons across boundaries, linking their efforts and resources with businesses, law enforcement and government.”

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