Design Bridge Singapore Shuffles Creative Leadership

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After leading Designbridge’s Singapore office for the past eight years, Executive Creative Director Tim Siro has resigned from his management responsibilities and will instead focus on projects that lead the creative, the agency announced today. Philip Dall plays the role of ECD.

Dal has been with Design Bridge for nearly 10 years, joining the agency as a senior designer in May 2013 and playing that role until January 2018 when he was promoted to Creative Director. As an ECD, Dal is responsible for the creative work of clients, including Zespri. , Unilever, Monderes, Treasury Wine Estate.

“When I joined Designbridge as a senior designer in 2013, I didn’t expect it to be an ECD in my studio,” Dall said.

“This is a testament to our commitment to developing talent from within the company and providing our clients with best-in-class jobs. There are many opportunities in Asia and we are ready. increase!”

Tim Siro has been a member of Singapore’s senior management team since 2011 and was appointed to ECD in 2014. For 11 years at DesignBridge, he has led the studio from powerful to powerful, improving the quality of creative work, growing and developing. A talented team. Shiro leaves that role, but not the agency. His focus is entirely on the collaboration between the project’s key creatives and the client’s bespoke roster.

“I’m thrilled with John, Phil, and the whole team. This studio has a rare and wonderful blend of youthful energy and unwavering experience. I can’t wait for the next chapter to unfold,” Siro said. Told.

Another change within the agency is the creation of a new role for Leadership Creative Director. Creative director and five-year design bridge veteran John Neale is stepping up to this new position. Each Design Bridge Studio has globally promoted Creative Director to this role.

These changes within the creative team will take effect immediately. Philip Dall will report to Alex Cerruti, Managing Director of DesignBridge Singapore. Both Tim Siro and Jon Neal report directly to Philip Dall.

“Designbridge Singapore is constantly evolving to adapt to the needs of our clients’ brands and businesses, and this generational shift in creative leadership will help us adapt to future growth,” said Designbridge Singapore Money. Alex Celty, Jing Director, said.

“This new definition of responsibility influences the individual strengths and points of passion of Phil, Tim and John. Their common pursuit of ambitious creativity is very future for all of us at Design Bridge. Make it exciting! “

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