CNA Explains: What’s next after the Singapore-Indonesia Flight Information Region Agreement has been ratified?

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Ridha Aditya Nugraha, an expert on international aerospace law, said late 2024 would be the earliest time the reorganization of the FIR could be legally recognized through an aeronautical information publication.

According to aviation website Skybrary, an Aeronautical Information Publication is a manual containing details of regulations, procedures, and other information important to the operation of aircraft in a particular country.

“First,[the FIR agreement]has to go through the Asia-Pacific phase in September-October 2023 before it can be discussed in Montreal,” said Ridha, an aerospace law expert at international business law. Stated. Program at Prasetiya Muriya University, Indonesia. ICAO’s headquarters are in Montreal, Canada.

Dr Li, an aviation expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said any objections would cause delays at the regional conference level.

Mr Ridha noted that another ICAO member state may oppose the restructuring of the FIR.

“But I don’t see any country that[could]pose a potential threat[to the FIR Agreement].

“As long as Indonesia can guarantee Malaysia regarding the operation of national aircraft between West and East (between Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo), there is no reason for Malaysia to refuse (FIR restructuring),” said Ridha.

In analyzing the case of FIR restructuring between Singapore and Indonesia, experts cited how the two sides reached an early agreement in 1995. This led ICAO to reject resolutions proposed by Singapore and Indonesia.

Within Indonesia, Mr Ridha said there are also issues that could hinder the restructuring of the FIR. These include legislation on national airspace management being drafted by the Department of Defense.

Ridha said the bill would regulate the use of airspace between civil and military aircraft.

“Let’s say we’re talking about restricted areas, areas that aren’t open to the general public aviation unless you get a specific permit … (the bill) is still in draft,” he said.

“The challenge is that if the bill is approved and successfully enacted, it will not become a new front against the FIR agreements between Indonesia and Singapore.”

Another potential hurdle Ridha pointed out is the ongoing judicial review of the FIR agreement between Singapore and Indonesia.

“There is also an ongoing judicial review of the FIR restructuring agreement in () the Supreme Court of Indonesia (and) whether such re-delegated airspace violates the Indonesian Aviation Act 2009,” Ridha said. rice field.

Last December, nine Indonesian pilots launched a judicial review of the FIR agreement between Singapore and Indonesia, according to local media reports.

“This judicial review submission is an input and a request to the president to implement all laws and regulations in a frank manner and to be dedicated to the country and the nation,” said former Air Force Colonel Supri Abu, nine. Detiknews said he was one of the pilots for

Ridha, an aviation law expert, is frustrated by the reorganization of Singapore and Jakarta’s FIRs, particularly the issue of Indonesia having to mandate the provision of air navigation services for some of the reorganized FIRs. He explained that he had a stakeholder.

“Some people have shown strong support for a complete reorganization of the airspace,” he said.

Ridha added: (There) is still a long way to go on the national stage. “

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