Canadian Brad Dingey Hired by Singapore Swimming Association

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Canadian Brad Dinghy recruited by Singapore Swimming Association

Canadian blood dinghy Recruited by the Singapore Swimming Association, he is the Director of the National Training Centre.

Dingey formally assumed the position on September 1 for a two-year term.he replaces Gary Tan who left the NTC Take over Singapore national team in January.

Dingy, 52, most recently served as head coach at Swimming Canada’s High Performance Center Vancouver. he left in januaryHe was hired from among nearly 20 candidates. Gustavo Schill When Alex Mordvinsev. Dingey Joins HPC-Vancouver 2020 after closing of HPC-Victoria, which he led.

“Everyone’s goal is to achieve repeatable and reliable success,” Dingey said. The Straits Times“There is certainly work to be done, but there is a way here and the people here in Singapore can do it.”

Swimming in Singapore seems to be at an inflection point.not sure if Joseph Schooling The country’s first Olympic gold medalist and the first Olympic swimming medalist in 2016, he will swim internationally again. He will struggle at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, Recently disqualified for admitting to using marijuana. Amanda Lim Another veteran was also sanctioned.

But the country has cultivated other talents. Tong Tsuen Waya silver medalist at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, and an American college student Kua Tin Wen. Dingey highlights the reproducibility behind the transgenerational talent of Schooling.

Dingey will develop new athletes for a busy 2023 that includes the Asian Games, the SEA Games and the Asia-based FINA World Championships in Fukuoka, while laying the groundwork for the next two Olympic cycles. is entrusted with In 2015 he also launched his NTC system at the OCBC Aquatic Center, Doug Jean At the Singapore Sports School in 2022, and clubs across the country.

“From a high-performance standpoint, we want swimmers to always really fight for that[major competition]spot,” Dingy said. A place away from people.

“We are committed to ensuring that the NTC is in the best possible position to support our athletes and programs heading into the 2024 and 2028 Olympics,” Tan said. “Brad brings a solid track record of success and expertise in developing high performance swimmers.”

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