All star card flying into Singapore for Tribeca-backed Future Facing Commodities Forum

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The Future Facing Commodities Forum, which will be held in Singapore from 4-6 April, will be attended by some of the biggest mining companies. The new conference expresses its claim to be one of the major gatherings of investors in the Asian region.

Resource Connect Asia Events is the experienced behind investment meeting specialist Vertical Events, powered by a partnership between Asia-Pacific based investment and advisory firm Tribeca and Perth stockbroker Argonaut It was held internationally for the first time in many years by the trust of the best Australian minds.

And with global giants BHP, Rio Tinto, Cameco, trading giant Trafigura and Asia Pacific business power brokers all involved, the stellar line-up is now down.

The conference comes at a time when Singapore has emerged as a major hub for Asian investment in global resource companies, with resource and battery metals fast becoming a key sector for local exchanges.

Leading the audience through one of the important and fastest growing battery metal markets is Joe Rowley, known as “Mr. Lithium” for his strong opinions and decades of experience in an industry central to the electric vehicle revolution. am.

“He is not afraid to say he likes the company for any reason, and he is not afraid to say he dislikes the company for any reason,” said Stewart McDonald of Resource Connect Asia.

“He is a breath of fresh air in terms of talking about global lithium, exploration to production.

“So people always look forward to his talks because he gives a pretty candid analysis of where he thinks the world markets are.”

Singapore opens to Australian companies

Event partner Tribeca established a business presence in Singapore five years ago. Led by Global Natural Resources founder Ben Cleary, who currently manages several funds in the region, he has many leading business heads operating out of his office in Singapore.

The new Resource Connect Asia venture sponsorship comes at a time of growing interest in investment links between Australia and Singapore. Singapore will be Australia’s fifth largest trading partner with her $35.9 billion in goods and services in 2021 and the largest two-way trade and investment partner in 2021. ASEAN region.

This follows the landmark “Green Economy Agreement” signed between the two countries in October 2022. It demonstrates both countries’ determination to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities they face in the transition to net zero.

“The reason the conference exists is because we wanted to be at a conference where we could see Tribeca, a major fund manager, a big Singapore fund, grow, grow and grow into the future.” McDonald said. .

“We’ve put together a pretty impressive line-up. And there are a lot of big companies there, especially from Indonesia, who don’t normally attend conferences in Australia.”

This reflects the growing interest of Asian institutions in the Australian resources market, particularly battery supply chain players.

“Look at Vietnam, South Korea. Australians are getting good traction and good investment from the bigger players in those sectors,” McDonald said.

“While there is still some interest in Hong Kong, Singapore is certainly one area where we expect to see more fund activity in Australian equities going forward,” he said.

face the future

The event will also spur investor interest in a full range of key minerals central to renewable and clean energy technologies, which the World Bank says will increase demand by 500% by 2050.

Think nickel, copper, vanadium, graphite, manganese, lithium, cobalt, and other commodities essential to generating renewable energy, producing EVs, and providing transmission infrastructure to reach the New Zero targets.

In addition to over 90 exhibit booths, keynotes and corporate presentations, Tribeca plays a leading role in the distribution of content, with an expert panel on the big future trends and ideas facing the commodities that will serve as key features. I’m here.

“Tribeca works hard on the content of these panel sessions and wants them to be a feature of the event,” said McDonald.

“There will be 6-8 panel sessions over the two days, covering all topics including institutional investment, technology and lithium panels.

“I think a different format for this event would work better, mixing keynotes and presentations within panel sessions.

“What we’re looking for is a little more interaction than what you typically see at conference events.”

time to explore

Designed as the premier Asian investment showcase for connecting exploration and mining to ESG and sustainability, the Future Facing Commodities Forum will host an opening night cocktail party on April 4th, followed by an opening night on April 5th. and two days of presentations, panels and networking on the 6th.

There will be keynotes from BHP, the world’s largest miner, and its new Xplor program, along with many global giants and start-ups.

It provides investors with insight into a unique venture capital incubator. BHP invests in high-risk, innovative, critical mineral exploration by juniors around the world.

ASX listed companies in attendance include emerging lithium and important minerals players such as Global Lithium Resources, Sayona Mining, Pan Asia Metals, Chalice Mining, Lithium Plus Minerals and Arafura Rare Earths.

Major Indonesian mining companies, including the $2 billion ASX-listed giant nickel industry, are also on the cards.

“This is the first phase of a long-term event and we hope it will become the leading commodities conference in Asia in the future,” said McDonald.

stock head Media partner for the 2023 Future Facing Commodities event in Singapore.

This article was produced in collaboration with Stockhead advertiser Resource Connect Asia at the time of publication.

This article does not constitute financial product advice. You should consider obtaining independent advice before making any financial decisions.

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