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A health diplomat who helped guide the UK’s health and development financing strategy. Born in Woking, England on March 10, 1973, he died in Geneva, Switzerland on May 29, 2022 at the age of 52.

As a civil servant and health diplomat, Daniel Greymore often had to navigate difficult situations. Colleagues say whether he is leading the UNAIDS Board through its response to allegations of sexual harassment within the agency or leading the recruitment of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, during the COVID-19 pandemic, he “Danny had the positivity to overcome any obstacle,” said Carol Presarn, professor of international health policy practice at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK. said. “He had a sense of social justice. He was a tough negotiator, but he did it in a palatable way.”

Greymore studied Geography at University College London, UK, graduating in 1992. Four years later she completed her master’s degree in development studies at She Bank University in London, UK. By that time, he was already working in the non-profit sector. It was his role as Christian Aid’s private sector and trade policy and advocacy officer that first brought him to the attention of the UK government’s former Department for International Development (DFID). Greymore joined DFID’s Policy Division in 2003, initially as part of the Global AIDS Policy Team. Robin Gorna, now deputy chairman of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria technical review panel, remembers leading the team at the time and “under a lot of pressure from the government.” The UK held the presidency of both the European Union Council in 2005 and the G8 at the time. Improving the global response to HIV was a priority of both Presidencies. I remembered. She said that Greymore “used political opportunities to improve important issues”.

Greymore rose through DFID, eventually becoming Deputy Director and Acting Country Director of DFID Ghana in 2010 and Country Director of DFID Uganda in 2012. Even when the UK temporarily suspended direct funding to the Ugandan government, “he worked very hard to make sure we tried to maintain good relations.” said Ali Forder, deputy director of DFID Uganda at the time. “Most importantly, they ensured that it did not affect what we were trying to do with the ongoing programs there. “He helped people make the best of every situation he was put in.” Mo wanted to join the team.”

In 2016, Greymore became Senior Representative of DFID and Head of DFID’s Global Fund Division based in Geneva and has been instrumental in coordinating and leading the UK’s global health priorities across a range of agencies, including WHO and the Global Fund. contributed. In that role, he took over in 2018 as chairman of his UNAIDS Program Coordination Board. That year, the agency was shaken by allegations of sexual harassment, sparking an investigation that uncovered an environment of bullying and abuse of power. Jane Ellison, WHO Director-General for External Relations and Governance, said: Ellison added:

A member of Gavi’s board of directors from 2016 to 2020, Greymore was one of the key players in organizing the 2020 recruitment of the alliance sponsored by the UK Government. The replenishment effort coincided with the change of the UK prime minister and the start of his COVID-19 pandemic, but Mr Greymore said he “hadn’t wavered” from his Gavi vaccine alliance. Chief Executive Seth said he Berkeley. “Virtually no one has done replenishment at this level before. “

The following year, Greymore was seconded to WHO as Director of Strategic Engagement. Ellison, who became his boss, said, “He was brimming with ideas, including a new investment case for WHO. Greymore is survived by his wife Louise, daughter Rose, and sons Jem and Elijah.

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