Trai calls for overhaul of entertainment apps, tech convergence norms

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Telecommunications and Broadcasting Regulators .

Regulators will reduce complexity and address gaps in existing rules to manage technology convergence through the agreement on “Regulating Converged Digital Technologies and Services – Enabling Convergence in Transport of Broadcast and Telecommunications Services” We have solicited comments from interested entities on what to do. IT, telecom, broadcasting and space sectors.

India’s Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (Trai) said content regulation in the broadcasting sector is becoming increasingly complex with the emergence of a large number of over-the-top (OTT) streaming providers. Gaps in the policy space of content regulation.

Although the government has placed OTT under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, according to the current regulatory framework, OTT content is regulated by the provisions of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Act, 2000 and many other acts.

“The existing regulatory oversight framework for content regulation is incomplete, at its best, and, like many other countries, needs a complete overhaul in an era of convergence where centralized regulators regulate transport and content. may require.” Said.

Regulators say the current fragmented regulatory approach to regulating content may not be enough to foster growth in a rapidly changing content sector with huge employment and export potential. He said that he may argue that comprehensive consultation is necessary given the importance and complexity of the issue.

The regulator said India needs to be ready to redraw the boundaries between administrative and regulatory functions to take full advantage of convergence.

Through this paper, we also plan to explore issues related to cloud services in the coming years. From a regulatory perspective, it will be nearly impossible to differentiate and assign responsibilities between cloud and communication service providers.

The regulator has set February 27 as the last day for comments on the paper and March 13 as the last day for rebuttals.

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