On-demand video entertainment platform wins WCOC marketing award

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Shift72’s Nathan Bregmen (left) and Damien Bartholomew.Photography/Barker Photography

We recently reported on the 2022 Waikato Chamber of Commerce Business Awards sponsored by Foster Construction Group. In her Winners’ Insight this week, Dani Simpson speaks with his Shift72 head of growth marketing, Damian Bartolomucci, and digital marketing manager, Nathan Bregmen. Shift72 wins Marketing Award.

The Shift72 team won the Business Growth and Strategy Award in 2021 and will not be the first to meet the Waikato Chamber of Commerce Business Awards judges.

However, as part of my entry to the marketing department, there was a misunderstanding about what time I would meet the judges this time, and I was initially delayed.

“The judges arrived two hours earlier than they had originally told me. So when I walked in and there were people here, I thought they were here to meet someone else,” Damian said. said.

So former Novotel General Manager Dick Brücknik and Tompkins Wake partner Scott Ratuki hung out in the waiting room and eventually texted Damian to see if he and Nathan were still ready to meet. Did.

So while it was a little disappointing, Damien and Nathan were very confident in the strength of their marketing efforts – and the judges validated it. [supporting] this company. “

“The marketing team is an expert in campaign management. They constantly measure success and adapt to changing market conditions. The presentation of strategy and measurement tools is of the highest quality and never falters in any way or form.” The product was previously targeted at a very niche market, but our approach to the market is very thoughtful and always measured against feedback.”

So what are the products Shift72 offers?

Essentially, it is an on-demand video entertainment platform with the ambitious aim of moving into an entertainment (or infotainment) platform serving multiple industries. The Hamilton-based company offers custom-branded (white-labeled) his Netflix-like experiences to businesses that want to connect their content to their audiences with a secure and flexible e-commerce solution.

Shift72 was founded in 2010. Then in 2020, Covid became a catalyst for rapid growth when he won 40% of the world’s biggest film festivals as clients, including the Marché du Film-Festival de Cannes and the Toronto International Film Festival. rice field. Film festivals and South by Southwest. He has also gained clients at corporate events and galleries such as the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York and his LINC conference at his AUSAE in New Zealand and has expanded into other industries.

Since early 2021, the team’s operations have been enhanced to include a partnership with Head of Growth Marketing, Dedicated Digital Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Content Writer and Waikato University Graduate School of Business Stephen Bowden. (Arguably) a steady stream of top class interns in the country. The team set out to implement processes, including his CRM to track everything he did. They also have plans to expand their content and leadership offerings focused on enabling festivals to succeed in their markets.

In 2020 and 2021, people were literally knocking down doors for help. However, as the world adjusts to life with Covid, the Shift72 team is witnessing a return to in-person events and will continue to offer hybrid events where clients generate content while connecting with busy or inaccessible audiences. I wanted to understand how I could help. It provides long term value.

So they interviewed several festival directors around the world to understand their pain points. What they found was that while most festivals are very practical and intellectual on the artistic side, there is a big gap when it comes to marketing.

So Shift72 produced a 40-page e-book, primarily written by lead author Rachel Akbar, explaining how to market a festival. This e-book combines what she learned in business school with her Shift72 tactics and her CRM insights to build real-world marketing opportunities that can bring virtual festivals to life. The feedback has been great, and the e-book is helping the festival adapt to marketing her digitally to a wider audience.

Nathan then oversaw the creation of targeted advertising campaigns, tracking and connecting all parts of marketing, from lead generation to social media to the sales funnel.

The team created a monthly newsletter demonstrating “thought leadership.” This phrase, as Damien himself admits, he does not like. But that doesn’t mean he describes Shift72’s thought leadership. This is a collection of industry client learnings from those who put these strategies into practice and he is presented by Shift72 for everyone to benefit.

“In these newsletters, we showcase our clients who are thought leaders. We give our partners trust by establishing ourselves as experts, we put them on a platform from which many continue to champion our brand.This will continue in 2023. It’s strategy.”

Their focus is the enterprise market, much like entertainment is Shift72’s bread and butter.

“The biggest benefit for viewers is the connectivity that may not allow them to share entertainment and information experiences, regardless of location or health,” said Damian.

“Following COVID-19, people prefer hybrid environments, whether for work or leisure.”

For example, in workplace situations, Shift72 believes it can connect people with remote workers for training on a secure virtual platform. There, every interaction can be measured and the data serves as a guide to content strategy based on what is working and what is not. ‘t, and the time an individual engages before dropping.

Nathan explains that their product development is driven by interviews and product roadmap reviews, letting Shift72 know where their clients’ weak spots are. While the product team works to eliminate technical pain points and create new revenue opportunities for clients through the platform, Shift72’s marketing team actively works with clients to develop strategies, insights, and solutions that drive client success. Learn and share how to use digital data. We also discuss how virtual events and training options can create new audiences that were previously uninterested or inaccessible.

“It’s a modern marketing technique with little focus. [on] It’s not how I can get something from you, but how I can help build relationships and community. “

Given their proven track record of winning multiple international clients, it’s very likely we’ll see this high-performance team continue to go from strength to strength.

“Team dynamics are very important to us and we look forward to 2023 as we continue to grow the commercial side of our business,” said Damian.

“We will continue to innovate, but now we have a better product on the market. There is no question where we rank, and we can make our platform flexible to accommodate what everyone wants.” increase.”

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