New Centennial entertainment venue combines sports and social life

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Centennial, Colorado — As the Denver Nuggets march toward the NBA playoffs, there’s a place for you and your family to enjoy a game of basketball, watch other sports, or unwind at restaurants and bars.

Jimmy Bemis and Matt Barnett basketball social house at Centennial.

“The simplest way to put it is top golf Bemis said. “But we have more.”

Our state-of-the-art crossover entertainment facility combines a variety of basketball games with delicious food and drink and activities for all ages.

“Matt and I really designed this to create a gathering place for the community,” Bemis said. “About traditional basketball, and what’s new and innovative in basketball.”

In Good Company: Basketball Social House

There are 5-on-5 courts for recreational and league play, 3-on-3 courts with special scoring rules, and a “wall of hoops” for side games.

“as if popa shot Burnett said, “It’s on steroids with hoops hanging on the walls and you have your own area to go in there and compete with your friends.”

Centered around a 2,200-square-foot restaurant and bar, you can be as casual as you want or beat the competition.

“The food here is great,” said Bemis. “We have something to satisfy any foodie. Our bars are specially curated with an emphasis on local produce, crafts and luxury. From ice cream to lattes to craft energy drinks, beer, wine and We have a full menu of cocktails.”

The space is also decorated with murals from Thomas “Detour” Evans Works by other local artists. There are suites that can be rented for private his training, team his building, or group outings, where you can play computerized games on your own hoops.

“You can upload your own profile,” Burnett said. “I can see your improvement. You can see it everywhere on the floor, Heat his maps, all that stuff. So the technology is absolutely amazing.”

However, many of the amenities are free and open to the public. They want you to try it.

“So whether you’re here to play basketball, watch a Broncos game, or just have lunch,” Bemis said. If you’re there, go away thinking, ‘That was a really positive experience,’ and wanting to come back and try something else.”

We also host corporate events, birthday parties, exercise classes, and live music. And Bemis and Barnett hope to expand the franchise to other cities around the country.

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