FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT Combined General Meeting of 22 September 2022

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Paris, 22 September 2022–(business wire)–Regulatory News:

Focus Entertainment (FR0012419307 – ALFOC) today held its Annual General Meeting of Shareholders chaired by Chairman of the Board Frank Sagnier. Shareholders in attendance held his 5,105,101 shares out of his 6,171,008 voting shares, i.e. he held a quorum of 82.73%.

The General Assembly adopted all resolutions submitted.

  • Approval of the regulatory contract named Christophe Nobileau and specified in the Special Report of the Auditor by application of articles L.225-38 and L.225-40 of the French Commercial Code.

  • Delegation of authority to the board of directors to decide the issuance of shares and/or securities that provide immediate or future access to capital, or preemptive rights of shareholders for the benefit of categories of beneficiaries granting rights to excluded debt instruments;

  • Power granted to the Board of Directors to increase the number of shares issued pursuant to the provisions of Article L.225-135-1 of the French Commercial Code. Seventh Resolution;

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the shareholders who participated in this general meeting. Details of the results of the exercise of voting rights will be posted on the Company’s website at the address below.

About Focus Entertainment

FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT is one of Europe’s leading video game publishers and developers. Its mission is to support major international studios in project development, production oversight, marketing, sales and financing. As a publisher of strong brands such as The Surge, Vampyr and A Plague Tale: Innocence, the Group generated revenue of €142.6 million in 2021/22. FOCUS ENTERTAINMENT generates his 95% of sales internationally. For more information, visit his website at:

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