DStv For Business Enhancing Customers’ Experience with The Right Mix of Entertainment

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Customers are at the heart of our business and DStv Ghana’s goal is to evolve daily to meet the demands of an ever-changing and competitive marketplace. MultiChoice Africa, Africa’s largest pay-TV company, has repositioned its commercial service ‘DStv For Business’ to cater to a wider audience with specially curated packages of edutainment content suitable for different businesses. provided.

Kelvin Kamasa, Deputy Head of DStv For Business, said: Content and packaging are specially curated to fit seamlessly with the way commercial customers consume. For example, our solution for hotels allows guests in different rooms to watch selected channels without the intervention of front desk personnel. Customers can continue to watch their favorite shows and channels while traveling or stopping by offices, hotels and pubs. DStv For Business offers customized packages for the size and pocket of your business, so you can do your best work with DStv. ”

MultiChoice Ghana continues to gradually improve its offerings, adding consulting services for high-rise buildings and multiple users looking at how to install DStv. The DStv For Business unit can advise on a myriad of options to ensure the incorporation of our IPTV service or other alternatives for seamless, cost-effective television entertainment solutions into your high-rise building or real estate project. . According to Alex Okyere, managing director of MultiChoice Ghana, the business is all about customer experience and the biggest motivation for his team is to provide more value to commercial users as well as domestic users. to provide.

DStv For Business has three main offers. DStv Work, DStv Play, DStv Stay. Each package is tailored to the needs of offices, bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels and more. Kelvin Kamasa explains that the essence of this is tailoring content to specific customers to enhance the viewing experience. These his DStv For Business packages offer business customers what they need based on their needs and preferences instead of watching a wide range of content.

The DStv Work package offers breaking news headlines, sports, weather and other work-related entertainment from around the world. The goal here is to set the tone for an exciting work environment and keep everyone well informed. Work packages are ideal for offices, banks, and other corporate organizations.

The DStv Play package is perfect for businesses such as pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs, cafes and gambling houses. These packages enhance the guest experience and keep them entertained with their favorite sports programs and other top-notch entertainment.

DStv stay packages are suitable for hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, Air BnBs and serviced apartments. We provide all guests, children, adults and seniors, with a memorable in-room experience during their stay.

One of the key features is the ability to tailor these packages to the customer’s budget. This means that customers can enjoy entertainment at a certain threshold, which is a unique offer. You can enjoy multiple channels under 170Ghs. For example, DStv Stay (Basic) offers customers a variety of entertainment with more than 10 channels including sports, news, kids channels, music, etc.77 on GHs alone.

Businesses also have the flexibility to choose a package that fits their business model perfectly without worrying about not having the popular channel their customers need. From small entrepreneurs he has something for every business, from five star hotels to multinationals to government agencies.

For hotels, customers watch a combination of curated movies, music, sports channels and documentary channels. The same is true for financial institutions where customers care more about the latest updates and news in the financial sector than music and movie channels like Akwaaba Magic Abusua and ROK Gh. Similarly, fast food joints, pubs and clubs will work with Trace Jama, Akwaba Magic and Super Sports channels via National Geographic and news channels.

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