Cunk on Earth: Why this British mockumentary is Netflix’s funniest show in ages

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review: On behalf of Simon Sharma and Brian Cox, The New British, which aims to entertain and enlighten audiences about human history and how our homes have changed over millions of years. We have a presenter.

In fact, not many kiwis attack Philomena Kunku (if she looks familiar, it’s because she’s drawn) motherland (star Diane Morgan) previously, she’s been in action since her first appearance as a current affairs reporter on Charlie Brooker’s Weekly Wipe in 2013.

But after working on everything from Christmas to Shakespeare to British history, this documentary’s host is tackling his most ambitious project to date.

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Cunk on Earth (debuting on Netflix tonight, January 31) will feature five 30-minute episodes aimed at “telling the incredible story of how humanity changed our world. I did it using only my hands and my imagination, plus tools, electricity and the internet.”

Filmed in every corner of the world where “money and pandemic restrictions have allowed”, the show highlights our species’ most amazing achievements (everything from the statue of David to the musical version of The Lion King). Promising to do so, Kank replied, “Scholar, clever, ‘Why is it a mystery how the pyramids were built when they are clearly no more than big bricks in the shape of a triangle?'”


In Cunk on Earth, Philomena Cunk asks “scholars, smarts, experts” insightful and challenging questions.

If you haven’t picked it up yet, Cunk on Earth is a mockumentary, brilliantly straight-up performed by a brilliantly deadpan Morgan. Our own Lee Hart and Jeremy Wells her 2000s satire satire comedy. Absolutely adore trying.

To their credit, she manages it only once in the first episode.

But was the invention of writing important, or was it a pot flash like rap metal? Did you have it?”, and if you don’t understand, Cunk’s hilarious commentary is most assured.

Diane Morgan has played Philomena Kunk since 2013.


Diane Morgan has played Philomena Kunk since 2013.

Whether Julius Cesar was “the most notorious Roman before Polanski”, or how the Greeks “invented yogurt-like cultures and boring forms of theatre,” or how mummification was “a kind of Spa Gwyneth’s It was something like that.” [Paltrow] is there every week”, you should use the pause button regularly so you don’t miss every gag from laughing too hard.

A perfectly pitched parody that consistently provides hilarious entertainment and evokes the power of the mockumentary.

Cunk on Earth will begin streaming on Netflix on the night of January 31st.

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