Canada’s CBC Rebrands Under One Entertainment Banner

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Canadian public broadcaster CBC unveils a new strategic direction, detailing a range of new content, entertainment integration and rebranding, and a new FAST channel in conjunction with the news department.

All entertainment content, including streaming, linear and podcasts, is now available on CBC The station explained that it is under the Entertains umbrella. Combining CBC Entertains and CBC News are his two approaches to the company, designed to engage and amplify Canada’s new voices for all Canadians.

“Everybody knows CBC News. Whenever there’s big news, it’s where Canadians turn to,” said CBC Executive VP Barbara Williams. variety“We are TV, CBC Gem, [radio app] Listen, podcast. And for some reason, that collection of entertainment content wasn’t very clearly understood. ”

Entertainment, Facts and Sports General Manager Sally Katt added: We have the Olympics. It has a very wide range of content that really explores art in a unique way. “

The event fully promoted its new winter content. Some of the upcoming unscripted series, such as “Push,” which revolves around a group of friends called “Willie Peeps” in Edmonton, and “Bollywed,” which depicts a family running Bridalhi’s shop in Toronto’s Little India. A star has appeared on stage or virtually.

According to Williams, the main message was to convey that CBC is a comprehensive media offering with a very clear view of what it means to be Canada’s public broadcaster. She adds that there are responsibilities and opportunities that come with it.

“We reach out to new communities and different creators to find new ways to tell stories,” she says. “Television is our key product. But we also tell stories for CBC Gem in a variety of formats. We need to reflect and make sure that everyone in Canada is one place where they can find something.”

Williams notes that the subscriber base of CBC Gem, CBC’s tiered streaming service, has grown 34% year-over-year. The platform is one of the few places Canadians can access CBC News Explore, CBC’s new FAST service, which officially launched on November 30.

At the presentation, the station debuted four new in-depth news series in connection with its launch. “About That” starring Andrew Chan, “This Week in Canada”, “Planet Wonder” featuring meteorologist Johanna Wagstaffe, and “Big: CBC.” News Original Documentary”.

CBC News Explore is the second FAST channel to launch in Canada this week (Pluto TV debuts December 1) and the third overall ad-supported service in Canada, after TUBI. CBC News Explore is also available through the CBC News App, and The Roku Channel, but Williams said he plans to add more distributors.

“We made a thoughtful decision from the beginning. We’re going to launch four new shows instead of 40. We didn’t want to have something too big to handle,” Williams said. increase.

“We know we have a lot of content to fill our channel, and we will build it over time. We promise to reach all other connected platforms on the moon.”

Looking ahead, Williams said diversity is a daily conversation, and CBC has spent a lot of time discussing and implementing it from within in order to match schedules and content.

“You have to be careful about it,” she says. “Do you have an in-house team that reflects the community you are trying to interact with? Is there diversity in ethnicity and culture, people with disabilities, indigenous communities, the extent of the community that is reflected? [on the] Inside, it’s really hard to talk outside about authenticity. “

She added that it is the CBC’s duty to find creators they haven’t spoken to before and encourage them to tell those stories through a variety of opportunities and programs that further develop their talents.

Amplifying these voices is also a challenge public broadcasters are ready to tackle. Williams has revealed that, according to her internal research, there is an entire generation of Canadians who have nothing to do with CBC, and she wants to change that.

“A lot of what we did at this event today was launch an opportunity to help let Canadians know what we’re going to do. It’s a marketing exercise. It’s a branding exercise. ‘ says Williams.

“It is about making CBC stand for something for the people. I have to.”

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