Well-being consultant, plus Veterinary Business Group award winners

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Veterinarian who developed a purpose-built dog weight management solution and winner of the Veterinary Business Group Award

Veterinary Welfare Consultant

During her career as a clinical veterinarian, Charlotte Williamson of BVSc witnessed an all-too-common condition of obese pets, and noted her limited ability to make real change in these patients. I was dissatisfied with She decided to do something about it and the result was her WAGSTA Walk, Weight and Wellness, a dedicated and easily accessible dog weight management solution.

“There is nothing more disappointing than having a pet euthanized years ago for a preventable weight-related condition. and I often felt stuck in doing something about it,” Williamson explained. dvm360®.

“The consultation time is not enough to gather a complete diet and exercise history or delve into the diet and lifestyle factors that influence your pet’s weight gain.” It goes without saying that we provide

Veterinarians can easily recommend low-calorie dog foods, but if the dietary and lifestyle factors that affect a dog’s weight are not properly addressed, food alone may not produce the desired weight loss results for your pet. It is often not possible.

“Ultimately, we felt that many pets and their owners were not getting enough support when it came to weight management. It was accompanied by a 12-week dietary guidance plan that covered all the factors that influence weight gain,” Williamson said.

“We have now moved from a 12-week plan to an unlimited support option to help your dog reach and most importantly maintain a healthy weight. Getting it right was the biggest challenge in an innovation journey that spent several years optimizing the diet plan user interface.The goal was to enable pet parents to actively participate in their dog’s weight loss journey. It’s about creating a platform that’s easy to use.”

WAGSTA provides your dog with a customized diet and exercise plan. It allows pet owners to create a roadmap for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for their dogs. This is accompanied by coaching support in the form of video tutorials, online coaching content, and coaching. group.

“A key part of our work at WAGSTA is education and awareness about keeping dogs at a healthy weight. The app has a built-in weight check feature that alerts owners if their dog is overweight,” Williamson said.

“By focusing on the human-canine bond, especially in relation to the human-canine health and fitness partnership, WAGSTA can bring significant health benefits to both dogs and owners. The app is unique in offering health tracking metrics for both dogs and humans, with weight tracking and calorie burn analysis for dogs and their humans.”

For 2023, WAGSTA will implement a fully integrated weight management platform for veterinarians and industry partners. It is intended to integrate with veterinary practice to free up veterinary professional time and reassure clinicians that their patients are receiving professional weight management advice. and coaching support.

“We anticipate a big year with the launch of our new diet platform. We look forward to hearing from veterinary clinics interested in participating in the diet plan pilot intake. A number of free memberships are offered to overweight patients,” Williamson said.

“As the current workforce crisis impacts the veterinary profession, integrated services that offset veterinary workload make more sense than ever. Effective weight management also improves veterinary outcomes in terms of reduced anesthesia risk and improved medical and surgical outcomes.”

Williamson is also keen to forge partnerships across the pet industry, including in the pet insurance and pet food sectors. Earlier in his career, Williamson also earned a master’s degree in human public health and tropical medicine, allowing him to better understand the potential public health benefits of WAGSTA. Increased physical activity in women through dog walking.

“Currently, 44% of adult women are inactive and 40% of dogs are not walked regularly. We would like to test WAGSTA’s ability to bring the two groups together in order to promote .Check out this space!” said Williamson.

“Creating WAGSTA brings a complete circle of my veterinary expertise and research on human public health to a scalable solution with the potential to improve animal welfare and dog and owner health on a global scale. was able to build.”

Veterinary Business Group Winner

The Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Veterinary Business Group (VBG) Awards were announced at the recent VBG Summit in Melbourne. VBG Veterinary Business Thought Leader 2022 has been awarded to her Jocelyn Birch Baker (BVSc) of Smooth Operating Vets. This consultancy firm creates programs to make veterinary practices more “mother-friendly” while continuing to operate smoothly from a business perspective.

“I hope to be an engine of change in response to the challenges facing the veterinary business. There is a solution to the veterinary shortage. should be addressed and the system really started to change to meet the needs of the new veterinarian.The recognition of my story, and that of many other veterinary tales, is that of veterinary women and veterinary mothers. It tells us that we are finally being heard.

VBG Veterinary Business of the Year 2022 has been awarded to Catherine Harper, BSc, BVMS, Barossa Veterinary Service, South Australia.

“This award reflects our passion to create a better veterinary workplace where long-term employment of veterinarians and support staff is sustainable and where the customer experience with pets is at the center of everything we do. We will change, do things a little differently, tackle new challenges with the least amount of hesitation, and make technological changes that improve efficiency, staff satisfaction and customer interactions. I am ready to accept it.”

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