RVC to establish home-based business directory

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The Rocky View County (RVC) Council decided to create a new home business directory, but the decision was not made without disagreement and debate. County staff asked the council’s opinion on what such a roster should look like on Jan. 20.

The Rocky View County (RVC) Council decided to create a new home business directory, but the decision was not made without disagreement and debate.

At a public meeting on Jan. 24, county officials asked the legislature for what such a list should look like.

According to RVC staff, there are currently only 41 home business type 1 (HBB1) registered with the municipality and 160 home business type 2 (HBB2) registered with the county, more than there actually are in the county. much less.

In addition, 6 special function businesses and 6 live work businesses are registered. The staff encourages the City Council to first consider starting any home business directory from within this registration number, then to sign on businesses not currently registered for promotional purposes, and county proposed to help gain insight into what type of business it could actually be. please stay there

Currently, HBB1 operators only need to sign a usage agreement with the RVC, while HBB2 operators must apply for a development permit.

Division 7 counties. Al Schule said he has “mixed feelings” about such directories. Because he felt it was not right for the county to promote home businesses that do not pay additional commercial taxes to the county over brick-and-mortar businesses that pay additional commercial taxes to the county.

“I’m having a really hard time supporting this period,” Schule said. “I’ll give you a few different examples. One is a hairdresser. There’s a hairdresser. [Langdon’s] Boulevard. she is obedient She has a business license and more. She pays additional (commercial) taxes. And she now puts out the same kind of ads to (another hairdresser) who lives (and works) on another block outside her house.

“I have a problem with that. It’s going to be a really tough pitch for me.”

Schule then filed a motion to stop employees from working on any kind of home business directory.

But both division 1 counts. Kevin Hanson and Division 4 Coun. Samantha Wright said she could not support Schule’s allegations.

“As a hairdresser,” said Wright, referring to Schule’s previous example. You choose to run a business within a business…but for me there are Home Business (designated) Type 2, Type 1. So I don’t understand why they don’t pay any attention through the directory. “

The Council then voted on Schule’s motion and were defeated 5–2, with only the Division 5 Council winning. Supported by Greg Boehlke and Schule.

Division 6 count. Deputy Mayor Sunny Samra has floored two more combined moves, the first was to direct staff to create a directory of home businesses like this one for her. The second was to return it to the governance committee by March 31st.

Samra originally proposed creating such a home business directory late last year, and said the reasons for doing so haven’t changed.

“It could be used where compliance or enforcement is a concern,” he said. “Safety is a concern. We know what’s going on where, but we’re not trying to find out what’s going on in that home or commercial building after the incident was reported. Hmm. That’s my idea of ​​what the ultimate purpose is…that’s what we need to have. I strongly believe that it helps in making decisions, and it brings awareness among the county.”

Samra’s motion to create a home business directory passed by a vote of 5 to 2, with Schule and Boehlke both opposing. Samra’s second motion, which requires staff to submit final directory proposals to the governance committee by March 31, passed 6 to 1, with only Boehlke dissenting.

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