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The Kansas Children’s Discovery Center Adopted Bart Schaefer As an education coordinator. Shafer is a retired teacher who brings 34 years of classroom experience in both traditional and bilingual programs. Her role in the museum includes designing and implementing play-based educational programs that help young children begin their lifelong learning. Sydni Meehan Hired as a volunteer and play coordinator. Meehan has a background in hospitality and tourism and recently came to the Discovery Center at Visit Topeka. Her role at the museum involves engaging with many of the museum’s 95,000 visitors annually and managing group and individual volunteers.

Dan Martin Is the next president of KU donation.. Martin is the Chief Charity Officer of St. Luke’s Health’s Texas Division, with extensive experience in higher education leadership and financing. Martin will take over the role of president on August 15. Martin will replace the current President Dale Sofarling, who announced his retirement in January. Seuferling will continue to serve until August 15, at which point he will remain at KU Endowment until August 31 to assist in the transition. Martin is the 4th generation Kansan in Overland Park, 3 times from KU and 1 time from the University of Pennsylvania. He has been working in higher education for almost 30 years.

Cameron Miller Participate in Silver Lake United Methodist Church July 1st as a pastor. He will replace Alex Licorice, who accepted his position in Wamego. Miller holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Nebraska Wessrian University and a minor in business administration. He also received a master’s degree in theology from The Seminaries of Saint Paul in May. He has served as a deputy minister at the United Methodist Church in Olathe’s Alders Gate for the past three years. Miller is married to Carissa, a pastor of the Topika First United Methodist Church. Silver Lake United Methodist Church, 204 Mador Street, Silver Lake welcomes everyone who attends the service every Sunday at 10am.

Devin Cooper I participated Shawnee County Park + Recreation As a recreation leader. She is responsible for managing the Shawnee North Community Center and developing recreational programming. Topeka graduates have a degree in Park Management and Nature Maintenance from Kansas State University. She previously worked as a naturalist at the Milford Nature Center, as a field educator at the YMCA in Huguenot, NY, and as a para-educator at Auburn Washburn Unified School District 437 in early childhood.

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